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Golden Tulip Art Hotel

golden tulip art hotel
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  • Golden Tulip Hospitality Group is a hotel company with its head office in Amersfoort, Netherlands.
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Golden Tulip Hotel, Casablanca
Golden Tulip Hotel, Casablanca
The Golden Tulip Hotel des Arts is located at 20 km south of Casablanca, it is located along the beach. Since it was our second time of the trip in Casablanca we were alright staying litter farther away. Especially with the experience that we had in the first time. But if you looking for something close by and going into town, i will not recommend it. Other than that it is by the beach and it is a little get away.
Hotel Terminus, Prague, Czech Republic, January 9, 2009
Hotel Terminus, Prague, Czech Republic, January 9, 2009
Golden Tulip Prague Terminus is situated in the very city centre of Prague. The Hotel was originally built in 1884 by the famous Czech architect Frantisek Heberle in Art Nouveau style and completely renovated in 2003. The hotel is located within walking distance to Wenceslas Square, Old Town Square, Charles Bridge and bussiness & financial district. It has 66 standard rooms and 5 Junior suites.

golden tulip art hotel