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Best Discount Hotel Websites

best discount hotel websites
    best discount
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daily self 12-3-09 (670)
daily self 12-3-09 (670)
Several years ago at Ohayocon, I came down with a monstrous cold. I had felt a little iffy at the start of the con, and by Sunday, my throat was really sore. By the Monday following the con, I was CON-pletely exhausted. I wasn't even sure if I could make the trip home and seriously considered renting the glorious DRURY INN for another couple of days. (God, I love that place.) I stumbled down to the hotel mall/gift shop and bought several large bags of Herr's peanut-butter-filled-pretzel-pieces. On the way home and over the following days, I nommed myself back to health on those Herr's peanut-butter-filled-pretzel-pieces. They just tasted SO good. I can't explain it. But somehow, in my sick-filled haze, they were the most amazing and awesome food I had ever tasted. They helped my throat feel less sore and seemed to make my nose run less. I felt revitalized. When I wasn't sleeping, I was eating those darned peanut-butter-filled-pretzel-pieces. You know what they say about "feeding a cold?" These things were the best food a cold could have ever had. Long story short, I ate them all. And I decided I HAD TO HAVE MOAR. I searched the grocery stores, convenience stores, everywhere in town.. nobody had them. Sigh, maybe they were a regional thing? Over the following years, I looked high and low for those pretzel-bites. I could NEVER find them. I looked near and far. I searched every store. I tried some of those OTHER peanut-butter-filled-pretzel-pieces brands, actually, I tried ALL of those OTHER peanut-butter-filled-pretzel-pieces brands... but they all SUCKED compared to HERR'S. I checked year after year at Ohayocon, but they NEVER had them in the gift shop again!!! I was so disappointed. I've checked at EVERY Ohayocon since then. No dice. Finally, I got the bright idea of using THE INTERNETS. I looked on Herr's's website, fearing they may have discontinued my beloved Herr's peanut-butter-filled-pretzel-pieces. No, they had them! In stock!! And they would ship them to me!! But only huge buckets-full for the price of $25+ shipping. Beh! Well, anyway, yesterday I was reluctantly shopping at a spawn-of-nasty-big-box mega-discount-warehouse-bulk-type store where they sell 25lb bags of tuna-fish and such. Long story short (too late), I found a big tub of HERR'S peanut-butter-filled-pretzel-pieces for a very reasonable price. My dreams had come true, almost 4 years later. To say I was ecstatic is an understatement. Thank you, spawn-of-nasty-big-box mega-discount-warehouse-bulk-type store... I owe you one. And yes, they taste as good as I remember. 100000% better than any other similar product I've tried. Go Herr's. :P
over look famous rose garden/rose quater portland oregon
over look famous rose garden/rose quater portland oregon
Home of Trail Brazers and Winterhawkas Mailing Address: One Center Court; Portland, OR 97227 Portland Visitor's Guide Visit for all the local information you need regarding hotel accommodations, transportation, dining, tax-free shopping and the best things to see and do. While you're at it, check out Portland's Big Deal or call toll-free: 1.87.PORTLAND (1.877.678.5264) to receive discounts on hotels, parking, dining, shopping, attractions and more. Rose Quarter Telephone Numbers Business Phone Number Website Address Rose Quarter Main Office 503.235.8771 Trail Blazers Main Office 503.234.9291 Portland Winterhawks Main Office 503.238.6366 Portland Winterhawks Ticket Hotline 503.236.HAWK Portland LumberJax Main Office 503.736.2130 Portland LumberJax Ticket Hotline 866.983.5656 Rebound Sports Medicine Facility 503.732.6863 ComcastTIX 877.789.7673 Rose Quarter Box Office Info Line 503.797.9619 Upcoming Event Hotline 503.321.3211 Lost & Found 503.797.9712 Disabled Information 503.797.9619 Accessibility Information Parking 503.321.3211 Parking Rose Quarter Group Sales 503.963.4400 Group Sales Premium Seating Sales & Service 503.797.9600 Premium Seating Rose Quarter Catering 503.797.9947 Catered Events Building Rental Information 503.797.9709

best discount hotel websites
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