Ibiza Accommodation

ibiza accommodation
  • A room, group of rooms, or building in which someone may live or stay
  • adjustment: making or becoming suitable; adjusting to circumstances
  • Lodging; room and board
  • in the theories of Jean Piaget: the modification of internal representations in order to accommodate a changing knowledge of reality
  • The available space for occupants in a building, vehicle, or vessel
  • a settlement of differences; "they reached an accommodation with Japan"
  • The most western of the Balearic Islands, a popular resort
  • Its capital city and port; pop. 25,000
  • Ibiza (Eivissa) is an island in the Mediterranean Sea 79 km off the coast of the city of Valencia in Spain. It is the third largest of the Balearic Islands, an autonomous community of Spain. With Formentera, it is one of the two Pine Islands or Pityuses.
  • Ibiza is a city and municipality located on the southeast coast of the island of Ibiza in the Balearic Islands autonomous community. Although called Ibiza in Spanish, its official Catalan name is Eivissa (as restored in 1986) and its inhabitants call it Vila d'Eivissa or simply Vila.
  • Ibiza is a Spanish geographical indication for Vino de la Tierra wines located in the autonomous region of the Balearic Islands, Spain. Vino de la Tierra is one step below the mainstream Denominacion de Origen indication on the Spanish wine quality ladder.

au KM5 à Ibiza....
au KM5 à Ibiza....
et oui, encore des pages de l'ALBUM IBIZA 07....et des mercredi un ptit concours avec VOUS...
Sol Bahia Apartments, San Antonio, Ibiza
Sol Bahia Apartments, San Antonio, Ibiza
Sol Bahia. Clean and satisfactory accommodation.

ibiza accommodation
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