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Highland Manor Hotel

highland manor hotel
    manor hotel
  • The Chateau Elysee is a former hotel located at 5930 Franklin Ave. in the Franklin Village section of Los Angeles, California. It was originally built as a luxury long-term residential apartment for movie stars by Eleanor Ince, widow of Thomas H.
  • The mountainous part of Scotland, north of Glasgow, often associated with Gaelic culture
  • An area of high or mountainous land
  • (highlands) a mountainous region of northern Scotland famous for its rugged beauty; known for the style of dress (the kilt and tartan) and the clan system (now in disuse)
  • elevated (e.g., mountainous) land
  • upland: used of high or hilly country

My dad took this some years ago. Grandad (George Ford) hasn't been with us for a while, but his genes live on. From him I inherited a middle name, a Roman nose, a love of music and ability to do something with it, and a cranky, combative disposition! Stories about the old boy: He toured the far northern Highlands of Scotland on his motorbike in the 30s, when the roads were probably not much more than tracks. Even from Newcastle it must have been a pretty adventurous trip on an old-school bike with primitive suspension. He kept an allotment as long as I knew him. His greenhouse on the council allotments behind Silver Lonnen in Newcastle was his second home. He remained faithful to my gran to the end. Despite bouts of mental illness that must have made her hard work to live with, he put up with patience and forbearance. You didn't give up and get out in his generation, you made your bed and lay in it. Their flat always seemed a place of happiness and continuity to me as a child, everything always in the same place and familiar, the set of encyclopedias that I loved to read, the family bible and tree, the sideboard with its miniature set of playing cards, the whisky and peppermint, the convex mirror, the paperbacks on the shelf (I devoured the Pan Books of Horror Stories and they still give me nightmares occasionally!) He was captured by the Germans early in WWII, and spent a fairly cushy war in a PoW camp in Poland (by his account anyway), playing violin in the prison orchestra. His sole souvenir as far as I remember him ever talking about the war was the bayonet from his Lee-Enfield. Along with his gardening, his other passion was his music. I remember the pair of built-in corner speakers he must have made sometime in the 50s or 60s in the council flat he and grandma lived in for as long as I knew them. He loved Art Tatum, not for the jazziness so much but for his sheer piano technique, and Victor Borge for his humour and cleverness. And of course loads of classical stuff that went right over my head as a kid. He played in his band, Harry Rowell's Geriatric Five, until arthritis took his hands away from the piano, and then he passed on the ivories to myself and Sarah not long after we were married. The surviving members of the Five were at his funeral and full of stories. And the cranky old git ... dad recounted this story. He had Grandad down for a visit and took him out to Eastwell Manor, posh country house hotel and restaurant near Ashford in Kent. So they're having a nice expensive dinner but Grandad is obviously discomfited by something. It turns out to be a group of noisy, voluble German visiting businessmen, getting noisier and more voluble as the night wears on. Eventually he stands up and announces to the room in general, in broad Geordie ... "I used to shoot them bastards!" Then sits down, point made :)
My photo in Highlife Magazine.
My photo in Highlife Magazine.
"First published in June 1996 and produced in Bowral, in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Highlife has evolved to become a lifestyle magazine of international standard. Often described as the “Tatler of Australia” there is no other magazine quite like Highlife in the nation. 11,000 copies printed per issue. Published every two months. Sold through selected newsagents across NSW and the ACT with around 60 per cent now being sold through newsagencies in Sydney’s more affluent areas, such as the Eastern Suburbs, upper and lower North Shore, the Hills District, CBD and Northern Beaches. Placed in guest rooms at Australia’s premier boutique country hotels such as Milton Park and Pepper’s Manor House. Read in beauty salons, doctors’ rooms, dental surgeries and bed and breakfast accommodation. We estimate our readership to be around 50,000 per issue, comprised mainly of people of a very high net worth or AB demographic."

highland manor hotel
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