Budget Accommodation Japan - Suburban Extended Stay Hotel Downtown.

Budget Accommodation Japan

budget accommodation japan
    budget accommodation
  • Hotels and accommodations which are cheaper and suitable for travellers who do not want to spend much money on their accommodation
  • Cover (something) with a hard black varnish
  • a string of more than 3,000 islands to the east of Asia extending 1,300 miles between the Sea of Japan and the western Pacific Ocean
  • a constitutional monarchy occupying the Japanese Archipelago; a world leader in electronics and automobile manufacture and ship building
  • coat with a lacquer, as done in Japan

Kyoto - Ultimate Budget Japan Dinner - Convenience Store Takeaway
Kyoto - Ultimate Budget Japan Dinner - Convenience Store Takeaway
Our hostel was actually near the Gion district but we were way too tired and drenched. After about 20 minutes of walking around trying to find some place - any place - that had something that could fee both of us for under 1,000 JPY (for we were running perilously low on cash after paying for accommodation) AND an English menu or a picture menu, we failed and gave up. We bought these packaged dinners from the nearest convenience store and microwaved.

budget accommodation japan
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