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Private Jacuzzi Hotels

private jacuzzi hotels
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Golden Tulip Mangosteen Resort & Spa, Phuket Thailand - Guest reviews.
Golden Tulip Mangosteen Resort & Spa, Phuket Thailand - Guest reviews.
Phuket, Boutique style hotel sitting on top of a hill, with a wonderful view. No Beach, no hawkers, just peace and tranquility around a beautiful pool, superb gardens and attentive staff. Loved the privacy of each room, the semi outdoor bathroom and the superb product, made especially for the resort, of course from Mangosteen with delicious aroma, mainly the shampoo and the bath gel for use in the private Jacuzzi. Hotel shuttle to nearby Nai Hairn beach if you want, on the hour. Phuket City 20 minutes away for basic shopping at cheaper prices than Patong Beach area - 400 TBHT one way, but suggest a tuk-tuk in town who will wait for you all day, and return you for 400THB total !Ask them to take you to seafood restaurant in Phuket Harbour, where you select how many prawns you can eat as they swim for your selection - fantastic Hotel Restaurant great for b/fast and pool snacks, but not offering true Thai food which disappointed- (definitely westernized for European palate and therefore a bit muddy) in fact very ordinary, but the staff made up for this shortcoming. Delightful, charming people, to whom nothing was too much trouble, whilst still being unobtrusive. Delightful spot to unwind, not for teenagers or pre-teens. We stayed 8 days and enjoyed every minute, as it is always the staff who MAKE an hotel. Thank you Mangosteen!
Astarte Honeymoon suite with private Jacuzzi Santorini
Astarte Honeymoon suite with private Jacuzzi Santorini
Magic is in the details at Astarte Suites, beginning with the twinkling Swarovski stones that adorn the ceiling above each suiteā€™s Jacuzzi pool, and ending with the personalized service each guest enjoys.

private jacuzzi hotels