Best inns and suites. Hotel la rue.

Best Inns And Suites

best inns and suites
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Sunrise at the D River wayside
Sunrise at the D River wayside
Even more pictures from our trip to Portland and onto the Oregon Coast. After a horrible nights sleep at the American's Best Inn and Suites I decided to get up and get some pictures. While I took tons of pictures of sunsets when I lived in Lincoln City I never took any photos with the sun rising so here are a few shots at sunrise on the Pacific Ocean at the D River Wayside which is on Highway 101 halfway through Lincoln City.
America's Best Inn & Suites Sign
America's Best Inn & Suites Sign
This is the motel we stayed at in Lincoln City and would highly advise against anyone else wasting their money here. There is better alternatives in the area for not that much more. The motel sits on Highway 101 just north of the D-River wayside.

best inns and suites
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