Royal Scott Hotel Victoria

royal scott hotel victoria
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Broad Sanctuary
Broad Sanctuary
This is a superb photograph taken in the early 20th century; the camera is in front of the Great West Door of Westminster Abbey looking westwards. The column was designed by Gilbert Scott and was erected in 1861 to commemorate the old boys of Westminster school who died in the Crimean war and Indian mutiny. The large building on the left of the photograph is The Westminster Palace Hotel, also built in 1861 and at the time, the largest and most luxurious hotel in London. It had 400 rooms and was the first hotel in London to have lifts. The hotel’s clientele were mostly members of Parliament and visitors to London who had business at the Law Courts which were on the other side of Parliament Square adjacent to Westminster Hall. The hotel was subsequently converted into offices and renamed Abbey House. It has since been demolished to make way for yet another nondescript matchbox. On the site where you would expect to see The Methodist Central hall is The Royal Aquarium, this was an enormous building inspired by the Crystal Palace. It covered an area of two and a half acres and the frontage on Tothill Street was 600 feet long; Built in 1876 as an aquarium with over 30 fish tanks, one of which was the largest in the world, it was never really a success. It later became the venue for all sorts of entertainment including restaurants, music hall, Zulu tribal dancing and swimming displays by scantily clad young ladies. At the far end of the building was The Aquarium Theatre, this was where Lily Langtry performed during the last years of its existence, the Aquarium was demolished in 1903 to make way for The Methodist Central Hall. To the right is Westminster Hospital which was demolished in 1950. In 1861 an American entrepreneur, George Francis Train obtained permission to lay a tramway from Westminster Abbey to Victoria Station. The Trams were single deckers drawn by horses. Unfortunately the design of the rails meant that they were about six inches proud of the road surface which meant trouble for vehicles attempting to cross them at anything but ninety degrees. The trams were very popular and punctual, but it all came to an end when the commissioners for Westminster improvements ordered the tramway to be removed due to the problems caused to traffic. This left Mr. Train out of pocket to say the least and he formed a lifelong abiding hatred of England and anything English. So much so that in 1870 when war between France and Prussia seemed imminent, Mr. Train sent a telegram to Emperor Napoleon III urging him to take his army and invade England. Although the Emperor did not take his advice, he did make a personal invasion of England after France was defeated when he was exiled to end his days in Chislehurst. There is a Police connection with the Emperor, as a young man he seemed to enjoy trying to overthrow the French government and after a second abortive attempt came to England in 1846. In 1848, the year of revolutions in Europe the Chartist movement planned a massive demonstration in London at Kennington Common. The Government were so concerned with the potential for disorder that the Queen decamped to the Isle of Wight and 200,000 special constables were recruited. The future Emperor volunteered and spent the day of the demonstration either patrolling London Bridge or Trafalgar Square, there are two versions of what he did; in the Trafalgar Square version he also assisted in the arrest of a drunken woman, you pays your money....
Victoria Memorial, Lucknow
Victoria Memorial, Lucknow
Victoria Memorial situated in Begum Hazrat Mahal Park

royal scott hotel victoria
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