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Accommodation At Mission Beach

accommodation at mission beach
    mission beach
  • Mission Beach may refer to: *Mission Beach, San Diego, California, United States, a neighborhood *Mission Beach, Queensland, Australia
  • Lodging; room and board
  • adjustment: making or becoming suitable; adjusting to circumstances
  • a settlement of differences; "they reached an accommodation with Japan"
  • The available space for occupants in a building, vehicle, or vessel
  • A room, group of rooms, or building in which someone may live or stay
  • in the theories of Jean Piaget: the modification of internal representations in order to accommodate a changing knowledge of reality

The Malaysia Journal #2 - The Long Beach
The Malaysia Journal #2 - The Long Beach
The Background: You saw the teaser that was shot in Pulau Perhentian. Pulau what? That certainly is not the name that comes to mind when you say Malaysia. When we started planning for this trip, we wanted something that was a little off the beaten track, at least for the first few days of our trip. The idea of a Virgin tropical island replete with White Sand beaches, emerald green waters and deep blue skies is very alluring, ain’t it? That is precisely what Pulau Perhentian is. At least, according to Mr. Google. The Story: Unfortunately, 2 days before the trip things looked gloomy. The monsoon had already set in and it left us praying for clear skies. We arrived at Kuala Lampur the night before the D-Day and lost all hope seeing the flooded roads. However with just a ray of hope, we hopped on our bus towards Kota Baharu. As we woke up in the North Eastern border of Malaysia, the sun was playing hide and seek with the clouds. Not bad, considering what we saw the night before, we consoled ourselves. After an hour’s taxi ride to Kuala Besut Jetty from where we had to take another 45 minute Speed boat ride to cross the 10 odd nautical miles on the South China Sea to reach Pulau Perhentian, we received another not so welcome piece of news - the last boat back from the island is at 12 PM as it has been raining every afternoon and the boats cannot navigate the rough seas. That meant that we effectively had only about 24 hours on the island with a very high possibility of rain. After a drizzle induced 1 hour delay, we set off to Pulau Perhentian on the bumpy Speed Boat which was an adventure in itself. 5 minutes into the sea, the emerald green waters seemed enticing. A few more minutes later, the sun peeked through the clouds. As we jumped boats midway and taxied to the docking stations, things looked far better. We were finally there at Long Beach, Perhentian Kecil, the same tropical paradise that Google had showed us. The next job in question was to book our accommodation. In this part of the world, even the more developed, touristy places don’t have an online presence. What can you expect out of Perhentian? We took our guides books and online research material out and scoured for backpacking options. Our needs were simple - someplace where we could get a roof over the head, a private bathroom and of course, air conditioning to escape the mosquitoes. After pacing along the length of the beach, we narrowed down onto Moshin Chalet which is located on a hillock on the end of the Long Beach away from the jetty. Once we struck a deal with the receptionist to arrange for an early snorkeling trip the next day so that we could leave the island on the next day, it was almost mission accomplished. We had the rest of the day to laze around and enjoy the weather which had cleared up considerably. Minutes later, we were on the pristine beach riding up the tides and bringing out the child within. The clear water and the blue skies was definitely one of the high points of the trip. After some casual talk with the locals and we got to know that that June - August is the peak season here when tourists, mostly Europeans, throng here. But this is not the sort of place where you want a huge crowd, do you?
Asia - Philippines / Leyte - Sabin beach resort
Asia - Philippines / Leyte - Sabin beach resort
SAL'S Beach situated along the southern coastal portion of Ormoc City became a favorite relaxation place for most of the city folks. Picnics, reunions, birthday celebrations, small get together and the like are usually held in a make shift hall of bamboos and nipa. Several cottages spread all over the place with sporadic coconut trees providing refreshing coolness to the environment. On Sundays and especially during summer holidays, the place is full. People have to make week-long reservations just to be assured of an accommodation. Later on, people coming from neighboring towns kept coming that made the beach congested. It was because of this need, that the family of Mr. Sabin A. Larrazabal, decided to venture on another business, this time a bigger one - the SABIN RESORT HOTEL which is spread out in a flat two hectare terrain. Mr. Larrazabal conceptualized the whole project helped by a young architect, Roy Perez, together with Cebu's Doro Barandino who did the interior. The resort has a quality of openness that gives one an encompassing view of a huge ectomorphic swimming pool and a panoramic mountainous range of merida where the sun sets everyday to change its monochromatic tints that turns the hotel grounds into a lush setting. Being one of Ormoc's finest, if not the city's pride, SABIN RESORT HOTEL gives life and comfort to all who seek refuge and rest from the maddening crowd, making the hotel true to its mission.. a home away from home! The hotel has 60 spacious and comfortable rooms, a ROSE GRAND BALLROOM which accommodates 400-500 guests, a GARVIE's HALL accommodating 100-150 guests and 2 smaller conference rooms which can accommodate 30-50 guests. The hotel's MARIO's RESTAURANT is cozy and refreshingly comfortable where one feels the cool breeze from the vast ocean ahead while enjoying the fine food the restaurant offers. Entertaining friends to some drinks or just having a simple tete-a-tete with business associates, where else can you go but to CLUB ANDONE where you can get the finest wine in town; this is located at the third floor of Mario's Restaurant. So folks for a first class comfort and relaxation where else can we go but to SABIN RESORT HOTEL....... the perfect get-away by the bay!!!

accommodation at mission beach
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