Reading Accommodations

reading accommodations
  • Lodging; room and board
  • The available space for occupants in a building, vehicle, or vessel
  • (accommodation) adjustment: making or becoming suitable; adjusting to circumstances
  • (accommodation) in the theories of Jean Piaget: the modification of internal representations in order to accommodate a changing knowledge of reality
  • (accommodation) a settlement of differences; "they reached an accommodation with Japan"
  • A room, group of rooms, or building in which someone may live or stay
  • a particular interpretation or performance; "on that reading it was an insult"; "he was famous for his reading of Mozart"
  • a datum about some physical state that is presented to a user by a meter or similar instrument; "he could not believe the meter reading"; "the barometer gave clear indications of an approaching storm"
  • The action or skill of reading written or printed matter silently or aloud
  • Written or printed matter that can be read
  • the cognitive process of understanding a written linguistic message; "his main reading was detective stories"; "suggestions for further reading"
  • Used to convey the specified quality of such written or printed matter

“just perfect” Just returned from my 3rd trip to Morocco. Last time I stayed in Ville Nouvelle. This time I wanted to go back to a riad and after reading the reviews here, chose Bab Marrakech. I liked it more than its sister, Dar Najat, because its smaller and more intimate which given the hectic business schedule I had lined up, suited us to a "T". Narjat's cooking is superb, we slept like logs, enjoyed the company of the other guests who like us were interested in experiencing authentic Morocco, not the tourist track. I had a crazy schedule and this was my 21 year old son's first trip to Morocco so Oliver took him under his wing for a couple of days which was just extraordinarily kind. Narjat, Tarik, Siad and Turia went way out of their way to ensure we were well looked after, even coming with me to cybercafes at night to print the things I needed. Morocco can be so crazy so having somewhere zen to come back to is so important - and if you have the opportunity why not choose somewhere with really good Moroccan cuisine and great people? Whenever an opportunity cropped up that they could go the extra mile to look after us, they did. I will definitely be back. This is the start of a beautiful thing!
18/365 - Rain & Accommodation
18/365 - Rain & Accommodation
Rain today spoilt any photoshoots I had planned. I love rain very very much, but not when it gets in the way. As far as accommodation i concerned, found out today that I didnt get the halls to live in at uni, so now I'm on a hunt for private rented rooms around the area. It's not too bad. The rooms look way nicer than halls, are bigger, and have double beds which is nice. They're also cheaper, but have a huge deposit to pay. Bahhhh!! Very very very very very very excited for Harry Potter next Friday, it will be a sad day. Not as sad as when the books finished, but all the same the end of an era. I ordered a deathly hallows tshirt from teefury a few days ago, so I'm hoping it will be here by then so I can wear it!! Starting to read all the HP books again as part of my checklist. Considered moving the deadline to next Friday, but I don't think thats doable. We shall see :)

reading accommodations
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