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Quality Inn And Suites On The Beach

quality inn and suites on the beach
    quality inn
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  • South Kona coast, Pu‘uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park encompasses an ancient Hawaiian area that contains royal grounds and heiau as well as a pu‘uhonua (place of refuge).  The ancient heiau and pu‘uhonua have now been reconstructed, along with carved images of ancient gods (ki‘i).
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  • A set of rooms designated for one person's or family's use or for a particular purpose
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  • A beach is a geological landform along the shoreline of an ocean, sea or lake. It usually consists of loose particles which are often composed of rock, such as sand, gravel, shingle, pebbles, waves or cobblestones.
  • A pebbly or sandy shore, esp. by the ocean between high- and low-water marks
  • an area of sand sloping down to the water of a sea or lake
  • land on a beach; "the ship beached near the port"

On the edge of the world, the land is flat, the wind races over the Essex fields and the marshes echo with haunting bird cries. A long stretch of Roman road leads east from the village, becomes a track and then a path. At the end of this path, where the sea meets the sky, is probably the oldest church in England. St Peter's Chapel, Bradwell-on-Sea, was built to mark the spot where St Cedd landed in 654, on his mission from Lindisfarne to lighten the Dark Ages of the heathen East Angles. Using bricks and stone from the ruined Roman fort of Othona, the Saxons created what was almost a cathedral. The people of Essex worshipped here for 600 years or more, but, so remote was this spot, that congregations soon dwindled and the chapel eventually passed out of knowledge, which is probably how it has survived. In 1920, a passing rambler noticed the noble proportions. He started to excavate and soon realised that he was looking at sacred ground. So St Peter's Chapel was restored as a place for peace and reflection. It is still a long way away from the rest of the world, but well worth the pilgrimage.
St. Mary on the Hill Claddagh Galway Ireland.
St. Mary on the Hill Claddagh Galway Ireland.
The statue of St. Mary on the hill which is located outside the Dominican Church of St Mary.Each year, on a Sunday in mid-August near the feast of the Assumption of Our Lady, crowds come to the Claddagh pier in Galway for the age-old ceremonial blessing of Galway Bay and its fishermen.The statue is made of wood, in the baroque style, and is said to be of Italian origin. In 1683 John Kirwan, the first Catholic mayor of Galway in about thirty years, and his wife Mary, presented a silver crown for the statue.

quality inn and suites on the beach
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