Vw Beetle Repair Manual

vw beetle repair manual
    repair manual
  • A book which details the procedure for repairing one or more components of a vehicle. Compare Service manual.
    vw beetle
  • The Volkswagen Beetle, also known as the Volkswagen Type 1, was an economy car produced by the German auto maker Volkswagen (VW) from 1938 until 2003 with over 21 million manufactured in its air-cooled, rear-engined, rear wheel drive configuration.

08.17.07 *or* It's Always Something
08.17.07 *or* It's Always Something
*Update*: AN engine cover has been put on my car, but it is not MINE. After taking my car to another dealer for evaluation, it appears as though they have attached an engine cover from a 1.8L Turbo BEETLE. It doesn't fit properly, and is not screwed down or attached with the proper clips. I am now in the process of trying to find a photo of an original 2003 Jetta 1.8LT engine with the original engine cover, to confirm. Read below for the whole story. Ok, so. Today's constant stream of disappointment lasted well into the night, as I went to Springfield VW to pickup my car from their service lot. I dropped the car off on Wednesday night, to get the cooling system checked. Both the coolant temperature sensor and the auxillary water pump had been replaced in the last 2 months, and on Monday, the temp sensor went off again- for no apparent reason. The car was not overheating. The coolant level was fine. I called Springfield VW on Tuesday, and explained my little problem, and how- seriously, it was not funny. The sensor had JUST BEEN REPLACED- by Springfield VW, and if they thought I was going to pay the $95 diagnostic fee to get it checked out, then they were out of their goddamned minds. The service manager I called (name omitted) flirts with female customers- calling me 'boo' at least twice in that first conversation. This would be the 3rd service manager I've worked with there, as first authorized a $600 maintentance procedure without including it in the quote he called me with, and the second treated me like an idiot when I took it in to repair the coolant sensor- and actually told me that next time I should bring my husband so it wouldn't take so long to explain everything to me (!!!!). So service manager #3 tells me to check the coolant level when the engine was cold, which I did- and lo and behold, it was low. He told me to pour in water till it reached the mark. The 2003 VW Jetta 1.8L Turbo manual says not to add water to your coolant resevoir under any circumstances. But my service manager is telling me to. Hm. I inform him that the manual says to never add water, which he is directly telling me to ignore, and he tells me that it's fine- it's a diluted 50/50 mixture. (Actually, the manual says it's a 60/40 mixture. I do hope this man isn't mixing the coolant that goes into ANY cars cause he's doing it WRONG.) This can lead to rusting out the coolant system- this arbitrary adding of water. I decide that, since it's a VW Service employee telling me to do it, I will- and when it rusts out, they will replace it for free. Oh yes, they will. So I add water to the line. Even after doing so, the sensor goes off again. The next morning (Wednesday) the coolant resevoir is completely empty. I'd added a whole bottle of SmartWater the night before (my car gets the good stuff). I had to pour in another entire bottle of SmartWater, then that afternoon, added 2 small bottles of Poland Spring. WHAT?! IS MY CAR THIRSTY?! I call the aforementioned service staff member back, and we agree that I'll drop it off, and he'll check it out. The next day, I hear from him around 3pm- the sensor went off when they drove it into the garage. They filled it with coolant (who knows WHAT the mixture was), and put it under pressure- waiting to see where it would leak from. No leak. They left it under pressure overnight. No leak. Today, Friday morning, I go by the dealership after a doctor's appointment to drive it around the lot to demonstrate a clicking noise that was emitting from the undercarriage when making right turns (totally unrelated to the coolant issue- but I figured, hey- it's in the shop, might as well get it looked at since NTB can't figure out what they did to cause the clicking). It never made the noise (but it surely will start back up tomorrow), and the service member told me that the coolant system never leaked. They couldn't find anything wrong with it. So he gave me my key, and didn't charge me. I didn't even have to sign anything (shady). This evening, my mom and I drove over to pick up the car. We moved all my stuff from her trunk into mine, then I decided to pop the hood to see where the coolant level was at NOW. It was fine- filled to the MAX line. However, you'll notice (from this photo) that my engine cover is missing. WHAT. THE. FUCK. absolute worst possible day to piss me off. i appreciate that the car was inspected free of charge. i do not for the life of me believe that they found nothing wrong with it. i do believe that they found a stupid mistake and fixed it, without doing proper paperwork that would provide a papertrail of the screw up. i also believe that my MISSING ENGINE COVER is proof of just how absent minded they are. Also, I wonder where the hell it is. Cause it's kinda big. This is my third or fourth problem with this shop. Regional Service Manager, here I come.
VW Beetle
VW Beetle
VW Beetle with flat tyres All the cars in this Fiat / Alfa Romeo specialist had flat tyres. It would seem that somebody had a grudge against the garage.

vw beetle repair manual
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