Lab Reservations


Reserve PC/Mac labs for activities requiring computer use.

two pieces of information must be included:

1) The reserver's name/email as the 'brief description' and

2) The start/end times of the reservation


The reserver assures:

1. Monitoring of proper computer activity

2. Student food and drinks are kept away from the computers

3. When finished, computers are turned off, chairs are pushed in, laptops closed and the room is left neat and ready for the next user.

Making a reservation from the calendars below

Click on the 'date"' symbol in a date box, then:

1. Select a day and time

2. Click on "confirm"

3. Type in your name and APSVA email address

4. Select one checkbox options for reason for using lab

5. Click on "schedule event"

Lab Reservation calendars

lab 227 (16 PC desktop computers and 1 SMART Panel)

lab 224 (12 iMac computes and 1 SMART Panel)