Lawyer Business Cards

lawyer business cards
    business cards
  • (business card) a card on which are printed the person's name and business affiliation
  • A small card printed with one's name, professional occupation, company position, business address, and other contact information
  • (Business Card) A payment card typically issued to and used by owners of small businesses.
  • Business cards are cards bearing business information about a company or individual. They are shared during formal introductions as a convenience and a memory aid.
  • A person who practices or studies law; an attorney or a counselor
  • The burbot (Lota lota), from old french barbot, is the only freshwater gadiform (cod-like) fish. It is also known as mariah, the lawyer, and (misleadingly) eelpout, and closely related to the common ling and the cusk. It is the only member of the genus Lota.
  • A lawyer, according to Black's Law Dictionary, is "a person learned in the law; as an attorney, counsel or solicitor; a person licensed to practice law.
  • a professional person authorized to practice law; conducts lawsuits or gives legal advice
lawyer business cards - Lawyer Business
Lawyer Business Card Holder (Glass)
Lawyer Business Card Holder (Glass)
The Lawyer Business Card Holder is a genuine piece of law office decor. Made of real glass and Gold plated metal, it includes a Scales of Justice emblem mounted on a real glass card holder base. This law office decor is functional as well as stylish and will present a professional legal presence in your office. The lawyer business card holder is designed for modern and graceful interiors, but the style really can go with any type of decor. From classic to ultra modern, this legal card holder adds the right touch to the lawyers desk. The lawyer business card holder features a gold plated Scales of Justice emblem which is mounted to the glass base, a symbol found on many pieces of law office decor. The legal desktop business card holder is a great gift for any lawyer or attorney adding ornamentation with a professional, dignified tone.

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Lawyer business card
Lawyer business card
I work with a lot of lawyers. This is a logo that I came up with for them. They had an idea of what they wanted for the rest of the format, but the logo is mine.
Business man
Business man
A business man presenting his blank business card

lawyer business cards