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Texas General Durable Power Of Attorney

texas general durable power of attorney
    durable power
  • A power (usually, a power of attorney) that continues regardless of the mental incompetence of the principal. This relates to Power of Attorney and Attorney-in-Fact.
  • lawyer: a professional person authorized to practice law; conducts lawsuits or gives legal advice
  • In the United States, a lawyer; one who advises or represents others in legal matters as a profession; An agent or representative authorized to act on someone else's behalf
  • (Attorneys) Advertisers in this heading and related Attorney headings may be required to comply with various licensing and certification requirements in order to be listed under a specific practice area, and Orange Book does not and cannot guarantee that each advertiser has complied with those
  • A person appointed to act for another in business or legal matters
  • A lawyer
  • Affecting or concerning all or most people, places, or things; widespread
  • a general officer of the highest rank
  • applying to all or most members of a category or group; "the general public"; "general assistance"; "a general rule"; "in general terms"; "comprehensible to the general reader"
  • Not specialized or limited in range of subject, application, activity, etc
  • command as a general; "We are generaled by an incompetent!"
  • (of a rule, principle, etc.) True for all or most cases
  • A state in the southern US, on the border with Mexico, with a coastline on the Gulf of Mexico; pop. 20,851,820; capital, Austin; statehood, Dec. 29, 1845 (28). The area was part of Mexico until 1836, when it declared independence, became a republic, and began to work for admittance to the US as a state
  • the second largest state; located in southwestern United States on the Gulf of Mexico
  • James A. Michener's Texas (also called Texas) is a 1994 made for TV movie directed by Richard Lang and starring Stacy Keach, Benjamin Bratt, Rick Schroder, Patrick Duffy and many other actors.
  • Texas is the first full-length album by PlayRadioPlay!.

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texas general durable power of attorney