Citizen-centric access to statistics

The project will investigate the possibilities to define an easy-to-use, powerful, and flexible standard interface for communication of statistical data and metadata between statistics producers and citizen-centric applications. A consortium with members from Estonia, Iceland, and Sweden will run a project network. Interested entrepreneurs and other actors from government agencies and private business will be invited to participate. Three major seminars will be organised.

Attention all users of statistics!

If you are a user of statistics, we welcome your responses to the issues brought up in this questionnaire. You may view the questions in the questionnaire as a checklist, and you may give your responses in a free format, if you like. The important thing is that you provide us with ideas how statistics produced by different agencies and organisations could be made more accessible and useful for all kinds of users of statistics: citizens, entrepreneurs, students, teachers, researchers, journalists, analysts, politicians, etc. 

Please send your responses to project leader Bo Sundgren,, and also feel welcome to publish your comments on our blog, managed by Alf Fyhrlund,