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Elections 2009 > Javed Abidi writes to Chief Election Commissioner

From: Javed Abidi
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Sent: Thursday, March 19, 2009 5:27 PM

Dear Sir,

The memories of the last General Election and the struggle to make our voice heard have not diminished from the minds of any one of us in the disability sector. It has been a long journey in this fight to find an equal footing under this large democracy and the right to be treated as equal citizens.

The Hon’ble Supreme Court upheld the rights of persons with disability in its Order in the case of Disabled Rights Group Vs Chief Election Commissioner & Anr [W.P.(C) No. 187/2004]. A copy is enclosed for your ready reference.

This development has sent a fresh wave of energy coursing through the lives of the 70 million disabled people in this country. The very idea that we will be able to exercise our franchise with dignity and secrecy that is the right of every citizen in a democracy fills us with a fervour unlike any other! This will be the first ever disabled friendly election in the history of India.

We hope that the Election Commission will adhere to the Supreme Court order in letter and in spirit. For all of us in the disability sector, it is a time to reach out and support your efforts to ensure that persons with disabilities come out in large numbers to cast their vote. We seek an appointment with you at the earliest possible time to take this campaign further.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

With best regards,
Javed Abidi
Honorary Director, NCPEDP