Water On Garage Floor. Mimi Rogers The Door In The Floor.

Water On Garage Floor

water on garage floor
  • an outbuilding (or part of a building) for housing automobiles
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water on garage floor - Rust-Oleum 203006
Rust-Oleum 203006 Garage Floor Kit, Tan
Rust-Oleum 203006 Garage Floor Kit, Tan
Environmentally friendly and easy to use. Its water based, low odor, nontoxic formulation creates great looking, long lasting floors. The formula is engineered to withstand the harsh elements common to most garage floors, new and old, and at the same time maintain a beautiful finish. The durable finish resists hot tire pick up and abrasions. Protects your floor from gasoline, antifreeze, brake fluid, motor oil, and salt. Kit includes 2 part epoxy floor mixture (1 gallon part 1 and 1 quart part 2), decorative, skid resistant color chips, installation booklet, and stir stick. Covers approximately 250 sq. ft. on smooth surfaces or 125 to 200 sq. ft. on rough porous concrete. Recommended application with long handled roller with short nap cover. Available in gray, tan, and tint base (formulas available from Rust Oleum). Refer to model
No. 214832 for degreaser.
No. 251965: Gray, gloss
No. 251966: Tan, gloss
No. 252625: Tint base, gloss

89% (12)
Garage 1
Garage 1
We took some PVC trim as the baseboard and casing; we then applied a bead of caulk at the bottom of the base to the floor—giving us a watertight seal…hose that water on the floor with confidence Custom built cabinets out of poplar with solid MDF doors, dressed up with a few profiles, provide plenty of storage The framing, drywall, and painting is obvious What's not: 1. the relief joint (white channel) running horizontally around the garage 2. a raked drywall compound on the lower half of the walls 3. shop lights and can lights on separate switches 4. a three tiered concrete curb so those socks don't get messy as one is sitting down on the bench to put on shoes (the shelf and bench are store bought); however, we custom made a 3 foot high shoe rack to match which now sits to the left of the bench (obviously not in this photo); also, previously one had to immediately step down at the door threshold, now there is a landing
many hands make work much lighter
many hands make work much lighter
after the girls and all the grands helped put a sealer on our cedar house , Grandpa recruited the grands to scrub the garage floor in preparation for the big reunion we're hosting next week end, in fact that evening the first batch of company pulled into our farmyard, hence, I haven't been able to be here much... note the bare feet

water on garage floor
water on garage floor
RPM Drymate Garage 17' Standard Floor Mat
Keep your garage floor clean and new with this Garage Floor Mat! This Garage Floor Mat boasts Zorb-Tech anti-flow absorbency technology to stop spills from "migrating". The Mat's soft, stain resistant, felt-like non-woven fabric is coated on one side with a clear, durable, special bonded backing that prevents "soak-through" from above or below. More details: Waterproof, bonded backing prevents leak-through; Absorbs all drips... snow, rain, mud, oil, etc. Protects floor and hides previous cracks and stains; Eliminates tracking grimy dirt into your home; Lightweight, easy to use and move; Durable and stain resistant to last for years; Easy to clean with soap and water... simply power wash or hose down; Slip resistant backing keeps the Mat in place; Can be vacuumed. Measures 17' x 7'4", fits regular size autos, SUVs and mini-vans. AVAILABLE SEPARATELY: Large - word search in our Store for 'Floor Mat'. RPM Drymate Garage 17' Standard Floor Mat

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