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Garage Floor Pictures

garage floor pictures
    floor pictures
  • (Floor picture) Details of the trading crowd for a stock, such as the major players, their sizes, and the outside market +/- an eighth.
  • keep or store in a garage; "we don't garage our car"
  • Put or keep (a motor vehicle) in a garage
  • an outbuilding (or part of a building) for housing automobiles
  • a repair shop where cars and trucks are serviced and repaired
garage floor pictures - Woods 13568
Woods 13568 Indoor Wireless Remote Control Outlet, 3-Outlet
Woods 13568 Indoor Wireless Remote Control Outlet, 3-Outlet
Designed for use with lighting, fans, and security applications, the Woods 13568 Indoor Three-Outlet Wireless Remote Converter Kit features a wireless transmitter that makes it easy to control a range of devices--both indoors and out--with a simple click of a button. It comes with one controller, three receivers, and a battery.
13568 Indoor Three-Outlet Wireless Remote Converter Kit
At a Glance:
One remote controls up to three appliances in different parts of your home
Ideal for holiday decorations, ceiling fans, lighting, and more
Wireless transmitter turns lights on/off from up to 40 feet away
Great for the mobility impaired
Includes 12-volt battery


3-Outlet Wireless Remote Converter Kit

Operate up to three different home appliances using one remote control.
View larger.
Operate Three Different Appliances with One Remote Control
Great for the mobility impaired, and anyone who just wants a one-touch, convenient way to turn on and off appliances, the Woods 13568 Remote Converter Kit includes a wireless transmitter for fast, easy control of different appliances, lighting fixtures, and more. With this handy kit, you can operate up to three different home appliances from across the room--or across the house--using one remote control.
Wireless Signal Extends up to 40 Feet
The signal from the remote control travels through walls and other obstacles and extends up to 40 feet, making it a snap to control appliances in different areas of your home with a single click.
This system includes three separate receivers for the wireless operation of three different appliances at once. Use in one room or multiple locations to control holiday decorations, ceiling fans, porch or garage lights, indoor lamps, and more.
Fast, Tool-Free Setup
Designed to be user friendly, the 13568 sets up easily without tools and guides you through the installation process. When first plugged in, the red ON light blinks, which means that you can program the unit just by pressing the ON button. If you remove the unit and move it to a new location, simply repeat this easy procedure.
About Woods
In December 2007, Coleman Cable completed the acquisition of Woods Industries. Coleman Cable and Woods combine to continue as a leader in product innovation, packaging design, and merchandising for a wide variety of electrical corded products, bulk electrical and electronic wire, surge protectors, garden lighting, timers, and other accessory items for the consumer. Now the family of prominent brands includes American Contractor, Yellow Jacket, RoadPower, Moonrays, and SmartStrip, to name just a few.
For more than 75 years, Woods has been a leading developer of electrical products for consumers and professional contractors. Woods has an extensive record as an innovator in product development, packaging and retail displays, collaborating with customers to deliver quality products.
What's in the Box
Controller and three receivers.

86% (14)
Epoxy coating on the Garage floor (from inside)
Epoxy coating on the Garage floor (from inside)
This is what I did labor day weekend. ...we WERE supposed to be doing labor, right? Anyway, the pictures you see here are the easy part. All the hard work isn't shown. Moving all my tools and stuff out of the garage was hard. Using a tool to scrape off decades old carpet glue was hard. Etching the concrete and cleaning was very hard. Painting in comparison was easy. In the end, the results are fantastic. The original floor looked like crap because of the carpet glue and abuse the garage has taken over the years. Even after I scraped the glue away the discoloration make it look pretty awful, so switching to this look is awesome. Unfortunately now I feel obligated to paint the garage to make the rest of it look nice also! =D but that's ok because that was my plan anyway. fix floor, make other garage things nicer!
Painted Garage Floor
Painted Garage Floor
The real project of the Thanksgiving weekend is to paint the garage floor. I didn't take any pictures during the paint job because it was quite messy - the primer is actually a very tacky glue-like substance. This is the result though.. ain't it nice looking?

garage floor pictures
garage floor pictures
Fitness for the Pelvic Floor
Incontinence affects four out of 10 women, about one out of 10 men, and about 17% of children below age 15. The most common reason for admitting a family member to a nursing home is the family's inability to cope with incontinence. It is estimated that in the US incontinence costs 26 billion dollars a year.
While it is common to exercise many parts of the body to stay fit, very little attention is paid to exercising the pelvic floor. Many exercises exist for the general fitness of the body, strengthening of the arms and legs and the abdominal and back muscles. Finding fun exercises for the pelvic floor involves searching through a great deal of literature; finding exercises suitable for men, women, and children that are fun and effective appears to be impossible.
This book should provide therapists with treatment ideas and encourage patients to ask for help. It focuses on exercises and discusses other treatment options.

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