Cork Flooring Price

cork flooring price
    cork flooring
  • Flooring is the general term for a permanent covering of a floor, or for the work of installing such a floor covering. Floor covering is a term to generically describe any finish material applied over a floor structure to provide a walking surface.
  • One of the easiest of modern resilient floor coverings, the flooring is made from the bark of cork oak trees, a renewable material.
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cork flooring price - Click-Lock Hardwood
Click-Lock Hardwood Flooring Cork in Mocha
Click-Lock Hardwood Flooring Cork in Mocha
HL9319 Cork is a highly sustainable and environmentally friendly flooring material that is ideal for Nurseries, Kid's room, Play rooms, Dens and Offices. This flooring can be installed on all levels including basements. It is a natural thermal insulation floor. Natural Cork flooring is warm to the touch, anti-microbial, fire resistant, moisture resistant and inherently resistant to mold, mildew and common pests. Floor is easily cleaned with a soft brush or damp mop. Specifications: -Species: Cork. -Color: Mocha. -Construction: Engineered. -Installation Type: Click-Lock. -Edge: Square. -Surface Type: Smooth. -Width: 11.75 . -Length: 35.5 . -Thickness: 0.38 . -Square Feet per Carton: 23.17 sq ft. Related Trim -Quarter Round: HL9319QR. -T-Molding: HL9319TM. -Reducer: HL9319HSR. -Threshold: HL9319CR. -3.5'' Nosing: HL9319SN. -Wall Base: HL9319WB. Warranty: -Residential: 20 Years. Installation

81% (14)
click flooring a-plenty
click flooring a-plenty
One of the local flooring places had a huge stack of 3'x1' click flooring available in a "take it all!" bundle for roughly $1.20 apiece so I took it all. Even if a third of it will take some rejiggering to use or can't be used at all (the tongues and grooves on the split-cork piece at the top go the wrong direction to mesh with the rest!) plus that center "chunky" style is fugly so likely won't be utilized, it's still an incredible price and more pieces that will fit can be obtained as needed. Just makes me sad that while the cork pieces at the left have the same connectors as the two obviously Marmoleumâ„¢ pieces on the right, they're 1/8" shorter. I will soon ripping out the stupid blue carpet in the familyroom to float this over a concrete former garage floor. 197/365
dance floor, main ballroom
dance floor, main ballroom
this is the opposite side of the ballroom than the pictures above. the dancefloor is built in and would allow plent of room (i think). there is room for either a DJ or full band, although a DJ would take up less space. the bar (which you can barely see at left) would be stocked with either the country club's wine/beer (we would JUST pay for the price of the alcohol) OR we could opt to bring in our own wine/beer (for which we would pay for the price of the alcohol PLUS a $4/bottle corking fee). They provide a 'bar-tender'.

they also mentioned that we could have another drink station set up on the opposite side of the ballroom. good idea, in my opinion.

cork flooring price
cork flooring price
Cork Flooring High Performance - Wood Grain Collection Malcata
Minimum Order: 541/sq ft - Evora Nano cork is a 100% natural, environmentally friendly flooring product featuring the latest in manufacturing technologies. This unique line combines cork and linoleum together to exploit the best characteristics of these natural and environmentally friendly products. Linoleum flooring today is based on the same 150 year old recipe of 100% sustainable and natural ingredients that make linoleum warm, extremely durable and a healthy flooring choice for either home or business. Cork is a quiet, warm comfortable and resilient flooring product. Combining cork and linoleum together with a high performance wear surface and you will have a product that is healthy for your family, has outstanding patterns to choose from and will last for many years to come. The Nano cork floating floor panels are easy to install, requiring no adhesive, due to the patent and proven UNICLIC Click Installation system. Nano cork installs as easy as laminate!

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