Mini Wireless Hub - Belkin Wireless G Plus Notebook Card Driver.

Mini Wireless Hub

mini wireless hub
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What's on my desk
What's on my desk
---- Computer Setup ---- - Mac mini 2.0, 2Gig Ram - 2x Lacie Brick 160GB Portable (White) - Happy Hacking Pro Keyboard White (Blank Keys) - Kenshington Expert Mouse 7.0 (White) - Wireless Mighty Mouse - 2x Lacie Brick 500GB Desktop (Red) - Lacie Brick 320GB Desktop (Blue) - Using Cube case as USB hub (installed 14ports) ---- Sound Setup ---- - Aura Note All-In-One Completer (CD, USB, PC, Tuner, Aux) - Scandyna The Drop speakers (this one kicks a$$) - Speaker cables: Analysis Plus Oval 12 - Power cable: WireWorld Aurora 5.2
Messy desk
Messy desk
I'm moving into a new place in three weeks. One of the things I need to buy is a new, much bigger, desk. And a 24" iMac to fill out the new-found space :P

mini wireless hub
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