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Computer Wireless Adaptor

computer wireless adaptor
  • A person who makes calculations, esp. with a calculating machine
  • An electronic device for storing and processing data, typically in binary form, according to instructions given to it in a variable program
  • (computing) computer science: the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures
  • a machine for performing calculations automatically
  • calculator: an expert at calculation (or at operating calculating machines)
  • having no wires; "a wireless security system"
  • transmission by radio waves
  • Lacking or not requiring wires
  • radio: medium for communication
  • Alternative spelling of adapter
  • adapter: device that enables something to be used in a way different from that for which it was intended or makes different pieces of apparatus compatible
  • An adapter or adaptor is a person that adapts or a device that converts attributes of one device or system to those of an otherwise incompatible device or system.

Robert Berta A&M152mm
Robert Berta A&M152mm
My main setup, A&M 152mm f8 APO with TMB triplet LZOS optics, carbon fiber tube, Feather Touch 3 1/2" focuser with Starizona wireless automated focuser. Mount is an AP 900 GTO on modified Meade Giant Field Tripod. SBIG STL 6303e with both RGB and narrow band (Ha, OIII, SII) filters. Custom flat field lens (f8) or focal reducer (f5). Solar images with Coronado 60mm Ha filter set on home made adaptor through BF30 on same SBIG camera, autoguiding via SBIG slave 237 camera. Software is Maxim DL, Photoshop, etc. I also have two Celestron 11" is a fork mounted GPS version, the other is a tube only 11" that is used on the AP 900 GTO. I use a Stellacam III video camera with the 11" scopes that are equiped with a Hyperstar conversion. This converts the scope into a 11" f1.8 digital Schmidt Camera. Output is in video rather than captured to a computer. With a Ha Lumicon filter you can get amazing nearly "real time" images that are amazing. The Ha filter cuts through light polution and even the light from the full moon with ease. I view these images on my 19", 32" or 50" HI DEF flat screen TVs. The camera can be used for deep sky images or in the normal position and with a barlow...planetary and lunar images.
Invasion of the flying saucers?
Invasion of the flying saucers?
I promise this is the last one! The disks were rather dirty - I think they must be due a clean. I had a full night's sleep last night - hurrah! - and feel much better today. I plan to tidy my desk and get my new computer out tomorrow. I also managed to get hold of a laptop from work (I haven't had one since I went part time) so I should be able to surf from my sofa once I get a wireless USB adaptor. That should make it easier to keep up!

computer wireless adaptor
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