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Vintage Glass Table Lamp

vintage glass table lamp
    glass table
  • Put your opponent through a table that's covered in glass
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vintage glass table lamp - Mason Jar
Mason Jar Lamp Kit converts a Standard Mason Jar Into an Instant Lamp (Pkg. Of 3)
Mason Jar Lamp Kit converts a Standard Mason Jar Into an Instant Lamp (Pkg. Of 3)
Fill any standard mason jar with your favorite decorations, then screw on this pre-assembled cap and socket and add a bulb. Voila! You have a ready-made lamp. These mason jar conversion kits are pre-assembled for your convenience. The cord is wired into the side of the standard base socket so you don't have to worry about drilling holes in the jar. The cap and push-thru, on-off socket are finished in a bright gold color and the 6 foot cord is brown and has a molded and polarized plug at the end. The electrical components in this set are top quality U.L. listed and will add just the right accent to your mason jar creations. You get a total of 3 mason jar lamp conversion kits in this offer that are ready to add to any standard mason jar with a 2-3/4" opening.

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Art Deco Mica Table Lamp
Art Deco Mica Table Lamp
Here's another deco lamp from my collection. Mica, a crystallized mineral which was used in lamp shades to create a beautiful glow, was typically associated with Arts and Crafts period, but Art Deco lamps using mica shades were also available, albeit rarer to find today. The use of mica as a lamp shade material generally faded out in vintage lamps after World War II. This American-made mica lamp (manufacturer and designer unknown) was most likely a transitional design lamp between the Arts and Crafts period and the Art Deco era, probably made in the late 1920's or early 1930's. The lamp base is an amber crackle glass, and the sun ray motif is an iconic design motif for the Art Deco period. The skyscraper metal finial is a nice deco touch to this lamp.
Vintage Shabby Chic Glass Lamp Base
Vintage Shabby Chic Glass Lamp Base
Looking to add a little sparkle to your shabby chic decor? This glass lamp is the perfect touch of elegance and shine. It is made of real glass and silver painted metal. The glass is in beautiful condition, chip free and glossy, however the silver paint is marked and missing in some places. The rounded glass base made up of three layers of circles is the perfect contrast to the square cut of the upper two layers of glass. This lamp uses a two prong cord and is in good working condition. It stands 11 inches tall by approximately 4 inches wide.

vintage glass table lamp