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Metro Pub Dining Bar Table

metro pub dining bar table
    bar table
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metro pub dining bar table - 3 Piece
3 Piece Black Finish Table & Saddle Bar Stool Set
3 Piece Black Finish Table & Saddle Bar Stool Set
This listing is for a brand new 3 piece bar table & saddle bar stool set. The table and barstools are done in a black finish. The barstools are done in the saddle stool style. This set includes the bar table and 2 24" saddle barstools. Dining set in deep black finish. Great for breakfast bar, apartments, bachelor pads, dorm rooms, game rooms, just about anywhere. Some people use them in their bedrooms for an intimate breakfast or desk area. Also great graduation gift. Table: 32" Across x 22" Deep x 36" Tall Stools: 24" Tall

89% (8)
Bar Table & Chairs, Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis, MN
Bar Table & Chairs, Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis, MN
Bar Table & Chairs, Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis, MN My Flickr friend Jim and I were outside on the overlook taking pictures of the river and bridges. I noticed that the there was a little side entrance near the back and I peaked around the corner and saw this. Its looking back inside at the bar on a lower level. The inside was flooded with red lights and the lines from the structural beams added some interest so I shot this photo. I pumped up the colors a little more than usual in LR3 but I don't think it detracts from the image. Again, not my typical style but it works.
Bar Table (F2009)
Bar Table (F2009)
F2009 Bar Table (30" dia.x 40"H) F1001 Swivel Barstool (29"H)

metro pub dining bar table