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accent table covers
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accent table covers - Terrazzo Rectangular
Terrazzo Rectangular Patio Table Cover
Terrazzo Rectangular Patio Table Cover
The Terrazzo Collection provides high-end style and protection at a value price. Rain-Tite fabric protects against rain, snow, sun and dirt, and won't crack in cold weather. Stayon elastic loops fit over legs to keep the cover on during high winds and breezy conditions. Elastic cord in the bottom hem for a fast and customer fit. Air vents reduce the inside condensation and wind lofting. Color: Tan Fits Rectangular and Oval tables up to 72"L x 44"W x 23"H Two large carrying handles for easy lifting and transport Zippered closure for easy storage and removal of cushions Not designed to entirely cover the wheels or leg bottoms One year warranty Weight: 7 lbs

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V is for Vayne
V is for Vayne
I had trouble thinking about what to post for the letter V... but when this thought came to mind, I knew right away it was a story that should be shared... With a thick German-Dutch accent, my grandmother, Susanna Brunen, would never pronounce my name correctly... I was Vayne instead of Wayne... it is something I will always remember her for... My grandmother was a survivor... As a child growing up in Burganlandt, Austria... my grandmother, Susanna Poppel, couldn't walk... born with a congenital hip deformation. When she was around 10 years old, her parents went on a pilgrimage to Lourds. When they returned, she greeted them at the gate, barely walking, but walking nonetheless. In a few more years, in search of a better life, her mother and siblings packed up and sailed aboard the S.S. Caroline to the United States... they landed in New York and eventually made their way to Minnesota. Some family chose to stay here, but my grandmother, her mother, and a couple of siblings headed north to Canada, eventually settling in the area of Pilger, Saskatchewan.... it is here that my grandmother met and married my grandfather, John Brunen - an immigrant from Holland... they spoke German in common, so that was the language that the family was raised with... After giving birth to nine children of her own (two of which died as children), she adopted a neighbors daughter when the mother died because of complications in childbirth. A few years later, my grandmother's oldest daughter, Gertrude, was raped. Shortly after finding out her daughter was pregnant as a result of the attack, my grandfather, John, passed away of a massive heart attack. Authorities wanted to take the baby upon its birth, but my grandmother intervened and adopted the infant to be raised as one of her children. That infant was my mother. Struggling to keep the family farm, her husband dead and a new infant to raise, my grandmother sold the family farm and moved to Manitoba, settling in the Magnet area. She was soon followed by her oldest children, who by now were adults and married. They struggled on the farm for a few years, eventually selling it and moving into the town of Ste Rose. It was during this time my grandmother eventually had her legs amputated because of complications of her diabetes. I never knew my grandmother with legs... but I always remember her house full of plants, her table covered in food, her white hair, and a special love that she had for my family... She passed away in December 1976, when I was only 6 years old... but... her memories remain a part of me... That is the story behind Vayne...
Accent table
Accent table
20" x 24" x 28"h Gracefully twisted applewood and root base support this one drawer accent table top covered in rich burnt sienna colored reverse birch bark, hickory and moosewood detailing, chip carved willow, yellow birch carved spheres with a hint of real Italian gold leafing. Drawer with fanciful pine cone leaf pattern and deer antler shed pull. This table could live in any room of the lodge.

accent table covers