Casement Awning Window - Shades Top Down Bottom Up - Classic Shades Painting.

Casement Awning Window

casement awning window
    awning window
  • (Awning Windows) Windows which are hinged on top and swing outward to open. They are usually rectangular, and wider than they are long.
  • (Awning windows) Single-sash windows that tilt outward and up.
  • A window is a transparent opening in a wall or door that allows the passage of light and, if not closed or sealed, air and sound. Windows are usually glazed or covered in some other transparent or translucent material like a float glass.
  • A window
  • The sash of a sash window
  • A window with side hinges that cranks outward from either the right or left.
  • a window sash that is hinged (usually on one side)
  • A window or part of a window set on a hinge so that it opens like a door
  • (The Casements) The Casements is a mansion in Ormond Beach, Florida, U.S., originally constructed as a private residence in 1910 by the Reverend Harwood Huntington of New Haven, Connecticut.
casement awning window - Learning from
Learning from the Patient
Learning from the Patient
Throughout Europe, Patrick Casement's work on the interactional aspects of the therapeutic process is well known and highly acclaimed. In Casement's lucid treatise, LEARNING FROM THE PATIENT, everything in psychoanalytic theory and technique is up for questioning and for careful testing in the clinical setting; every concept used is explained and illustrated with clinical examples. The author offers an unusual openness about what really happens in the consulting room, including mistakes--his own as well as others'. The patient's unconscious contribution to analytic work is fully illustrated. As a result of this approach, insight is arrived at with a rare freshness as theory is rediscovered in the consulting room.

In the course of this volume, Casement develops some familiar concepts and evolves a number that are new, such as: internal supervision, a process in which the analyst/therapist explores the implications of various options during each session with the patient; trial identification with the patient, which encourages analysts and therapists to look at themselves as a patient might see them; and communication by impact, a graphic way of considering the various dimensions of projective identification. Others include the dynamics of containment, the communication of hurt, the pain of contrast, and unconscious hope.

In Part I, Casement lays the foundation by establishing the first principles of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic therapy, as well as those for the process of learning from the patient. In Part II, he more fully explores what emerges from this way of working. He discusses the importance of the analytic space and the need to keep it and the analytic process free from interference of any kind, including that of working style or theoretical bias. He makes a strong case for viewing the analytic process as an expression of the unconscious search for what previously was delayed and is now needed for healthy growth and recovery.

Highly accessible, honest, and most of all helpful, this book offers profound insights and is a joy to read. It has much to offer all levels of readership--from students to experienced practitioners--in the disciplines of analysis, psychotherapy, child therapy, clinical psychology, counseling, and social work. It is therefore of interest for anyone in the helping professions and all those concerned with the dynamics of human relationships.

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Adstock House
Adstock House
Adstock House at night - Architectural, casement and awning windows Magnificent home in Adstock. The best characteristics of several types of windows combine to give this house reliable and long-lasting protection against temperature changes.
400 Series Replacement Casement and Awning Window corner section cutaway
400 Series Replacement Casement and Awning Window corner section cutaway
400 Series Replacement Casement and Awning Window corner section cutaway, Pine Interior, Sandtone Exterior

casement awning window
casement awning window
CRL Left Hand White Casement Window Lock; 2-3/8" Screw Holes
Maximum Holding Strength From Truth Manufacturing With a big 5/8 inch (15.8 millimeter) reach-out for maximum pull-in of the sash, this Casement Window Lock comes in a handed version for standard or optional tandem operations on large casement windows. This lock withstands negative air pressure, up to 200 pounds (90.7 kilograms) of force, in commercial and high-wind geographical areas. When properly installed the sash lock can meet all known North American requirements. It will securely hold the sash against weatherstripping to prevent water/air leakage. A cut-out along the case allows for continuous weatherstrip. Minimum Order: 1 Package One lock with keeper per package.