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Miniature Dollhouse Rugs

miniature dollhouse rugs
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Dollhouse Miniatures
Dollhouse Miniatures
Dollhouse Miniatures, Rugs and Wall Hangings: Hello, my name is Don Thomas, I've been designing and handcrafting museum quality miniature rugs and wall hangings professionally now for over three years, but my passion and love for miniatures and rugs started long before that. I design my miniature rugs and wall hangings for that special setting or to be framed as life size wall art. I create rug designs that are original as well as adapted from earlier styles, ranging from the primitive to the contemporary. Individually they are all hand crafted and sewn to replicate the look and feel of either knotted, hooked or woven rugs, each, one of a kind. My rugs contain per inch thousands upon thousands of stitches. I use natural and some man made fibers. Keeping my rugs within an exceptionally fine miniature scale, they're designed with the discriminating collector in mind. My miniature rugs are not stiff or bulky but instead will drape and are precisely scaled for the true realist. I've created special processes, which I use in hand crafting these detailed pieces to reflect my passion and love for miniatures and rugs as art forms. Thus, these fine miniature rugs are especially suited to be framed individually and hung as life size wall art. I will gladly accept commissions and wholesale orders. Feel free to e-mail me for orders or any questions you may have. Look forward to hearing from you! at:
Assortment of 6 dollhouse rugs
Assortment of 6 dollhouse rugs
These little rugs are in shades of blue and burgundy. They range in size from 9x6 inches to 4x5 inches. You will find that these rugs lie nice and flat in your little rooms so they don’t cause your little people to trip and fall.

miniature dollhouse rugs
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