Teen I Series

The Teen "I" Series 

The purpose of the 1/2 Day Teen I Series Workshop is to stir those 16-19 into thinking about who God has created them uniquely and specifically to be.  Using 4 Tools participating teens will be empowered to make life/career choices which are aligned with becoming who and what they feel called to. The workshop facilitates thought provoking dialogue about the concept of "Success", "Happiness" and the importance of each person discovering their God-given potential and rising above mediocrity. 


During the Workshop Teens will:

1. Assess their Motivations with a Root Cause Analysis Tool

2. Determine their individual skills and strengths through a Personal SWOT analysis

3. Consider their Dreams, Goals and Ideal Contributions (Future State)

4. Create an action plan to move them closer towards becoming who God created them to be. 

This Series is founded on the core belief that we are made in the Image and Likeness of God
and that He has endowed each of us with certain skills, strengths and desires for a purpose.

For more information on booking a Teen "I" Series for your High School or Youth Group, please Contact us. To register for an upcoming Teen"I" Series, please visit the Register page.