Do you feel stuck? Do want more out of life? 
Are you happy?

Empowering people around the world, Catalyst & Personal Development Expert Vanessa Hamm has developed 6 Steps to get you unstuck & ignite your God-given potential! 

Why ignite your God-given potential? Because you 
are the only you in the universe. By igniting your potential you
 become your best, true self. It is only when you are your best, true self that you experience 
the impact, success & happiness God intended for your life!

Join Vanessa as she teaches you how to
I.G.N.I.T.E. your God-Given potential in 6 steps!

Igniting potential all over the world, 
Vanessa offers:
  • "6 Steps to I.G.N.I.T.E." Seminar  
  • "I" Series, 1 Day Workshop (Get in-depth "6 Steps" coaching & Toolkit training for maximum impact!)
    • Group Coaching
    • Individual Coaching
Vanessa works with a variety of ages & groups: University, Young Adults, Churches, Staff Development, Businesses, Groups, Conferences & more! For more information, please contact: 

Why ignite your God given potential?

Book a Seminar & Workshop today to learn how to 'get unstuck' & transform your life by igniting your God-given potential! 

   "If you are who you should be you will set the world on fire!"- St Catherine of Siena