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Our Mission:

The Appalachian Center for Collaborative and Engaged Learning (ACCEL) remains committed to our mission of creating and retaining jobs in Southeastern Ohio by facilitating rich collaborative partnerships dedicated to continuous improvement and learning 

Our Belief:

We believe that work is inherently uplifting and fulfilling, and that individuals with any barrier to employment deserve the opportunity to work to achieve their fullest potential. ACCEL is committed to providing training, work experience and supportive services for those with obstacles to employment.

Our History:

The original name for ACCEL was Area Labor Management Cooperative Council (ALMCC). ALMCC was established in 1989 as a nonprofit public/private organization to promote economic development through labor-management cooperation.  The program was partially funded by the Ohio Department of Development. Our primary objective was to encourage collaboration and removed the deep-rooted perception that east central Ohio has an adversarial labor climate.  In 2003 we formally changed the name of our organization from ALMCC (Area Labor Management Cooperative Council) to ACCEL (Appalachian Center for Collaborative and Engaged Learning). There was no change to our Mission, the Board of Directors or Staff as a result of this name change.

    • ACCEL enjoys a rich 25 year history of specializing in Education & Training.  In 1997 at a Regional Forum our membership mutually agreed that the shortage of skilled workers was the gravest mutual concern, and that if we really wanted to make a difference we needed to start early in the education cycle. We shifted our focus to promote collaboration primarily in the public sector and specifically in K-12 education.  We began working with local schools and partnering with local businesses, hospitals, banks, etc. During this period the ACCEL developed a unique expertise for building educator and employer partnerships.  We were recognized by state, regional and national organizations for achieving excellent results. This private/public sector partnership won the Governor’s Award for Team Excellence in the Public Sector. In 1998 we were awarded a School-to-Work Best Practices Award – U.S. Departments of Education and Labor: for increased high school science proficiency scores.

    • 2000 ACCEL established a workforce development program using our unique expertise for building educator and employer partnership.  That same year we won a three year community technology grant from U.S. Department of Education. This grant allowed us to establish 21 technology centers in Southeastern Ohio.  These technology centers provided Appalachian communities with access to computers and the internet.  They were local facilities where computer literacy was enhanced.  They served as classrooms for thousands of K-12 students at a time when traditional education had not caught up with technology.
    • 2001 ACCEL was selected as Muskingum County's first WIA youth provider.  We deployed career exploration modules in three of our established technology centers.  We have continued as a youth service provider for in-school, out-of-school and core services for adults.  Providing such services as Resume’ Maker, Magellan - a career assessment, basic computer skills and ownership as well as technical support for the training and resource areas.  Since then we have partnered with local one stop systems to bring innovative youth and adult programs to Muskingum County and its contiguous counties. ACCEL assisted Guernsey County with their WIA Summer Employment Opportunity program and Coshocton and Morgan Counties with NovaNET Courseware.  We maintained Adult Basic Literacy Education centers in three locations.  ACCEL provided all technology and support for Foxfire Alternative Charter School.   
    • 2009 ACCEL was awarded a youth employment program contract funded by the federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA) of 1998 with specific funds provided by the ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) of 2009 for the purpose of providing training and work experience for economically disadvantaged youth ages 14-24 that had a barrier to employment.

    • 2010-2012 ACCEL provided broadband and computer training to over five thousand residents of Appalachian Ohio, while maintaining offices in three counties.  ACCEL has always embraced technology as a tool to achieve our mission.  As part of the ARRA the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) funded a Broadband Technology Opportunities Program.   Additionally, we partnered with over 100 community-based programs including, one stop systems, county Job and Family Services, schools, churches and senior centers.

    • 2012 and 2013 ACCEL and its partners were awarded TANF Summer Youth Employment Program contracts with Ohio Means Jobs Muskingum County.  These programs provided over 250 youth with not only employment opportunities but skills training, soft skills and life lessons.
    • Also in 2012 ACCEL applied for and won a National Emergency Grant (NEG) funded through the U.S. Department of Labor OH-26.  We modeled our processes after teams and self direction.  All training was developed and executed using this model.  Each participant received the following training we developed as a requirement of the program.   Slips, Trips and Falls, Basic Computer and Internet Skills, Binding and Slings, Loading and unloading equipment, Loading and dumping a dump truck, Chainsaw operation and safety, Site survey, Personnel protective equipment, Vehicle pre-trip, MSDS, Endangered Species, Circle of Safety.  In conjunction with NEG we developed a successful Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Commercial Driver License (CDL) Driver Education program for our NEG participants. Twenty-nine (29) of the 32 participants expressed an interest have obtained a CDL, 100% of those participating in CDL training passed their CDL drivers permit test.  Of the 29 that participated in CDL training 24 received a Commercial Driver License.

    • 2014 ACCEL continued it's growth as a transportation provider by starting up the social enterprise Employee Transportation Network (ETN), and expanding our outreach with a food pantry and clothing closet.  These services are supporting those that have lost their jobs and are looking for employment. 

    • 2015 and 2016 ACCEL and its partners were awarded a TANF Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) through Muskingum County Job and Family Services, and employed 125+ youth. We provided training and work experience  for economically disadvantaged youth ages 14 - 24 that had a barrier to employment.

    • 2016 ACCEL partnered with Mid-Ohio Foodbank to offer a free produce giveaway once a month to eligible Muskingum County residents. ACCEL partnered with Zane State and OUZ to hold the giveaways on their campus with great results. The produce giveaways provide 10,000+ pounds of produce to approximately 200 households each month.

    • 2016 ACCEL was awarded a contract with MCJFS providing services to support the new Comprehensive Case Management and Education Services (CCMEP) grant from the State of Ohio. The purpose of CCMEP is to provide in depth support and guidance to eligible Muskingum County out of school youth, ages 16 - 24. The planned outcome is to overcome barriers for these youth and propel them into a career path. ACCEL will provide three programs (ACCEL's Pathway Program) to overcome these barriers: training and licence for CDL-B, Microsoft Office training and driver's licence training and licence.