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In 1999 Accelere S.A. acquired a Telecine station, a Rank Cintel Μark III which is now operating in the historic Finos Films building. The Telecine process has now become an indispensable part of our production process, since it allows us to convert conventional cinema negative into digital video and then do all the editing by computer.

Telecine has become the standard process in advertising production, and is now becoming the method of choice for feature films as well, as it drastically reduces post-production cost and time. The list of our clients taking advantage of this upscale capability is very long and includes many of the best cinematographers and advertising creators. Our prospects for gaining a good share of the European market are excellent. 

In late 2000 Accelere S.A. acquired a second Telecine station by Rank Cintel, a Turbo Gold 4:4:4 which now operates at our headquarters supported by arrays of auxiliary equipment, and software that includes Pandora color correction (primary & secondary), real time masking, digital vision noise reduction, scratch removal, and finally "metaspeed" speed control, a feature that allows extreme film roll-through stability, an indispensable advantage in the production of features intended for DVD release.

Both Finos Films and the Karagiannis - Karatzopoulos production firm, which are among our first clients, are now using our Telecine facilities to enhance their older films-a testimony to the stunning capabilities of our new production processes, and the dramatic quality improvement.

With two Telecine stations in full operation, we do the relatively simple task of key code reading in our first station, and the final production processing in our state-of-the-art second station.

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