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Post Production

When Accelere S.A. created its first professional video shooting and production unit, the Greek market for video was nascent and ill defined, at a time when private television channels had just started to emerge for the first time in Greece.

One year later, in 1991, the Company operated a fully equipped video editing room that allowed it to flow along the explosive growth of Greek television. To this day, 12 years later, the Beta SP equipment still produces the lion's share of video broadcasting material for Greek television.

Popular series such as the Amazon File directed by Manoussos Masoussakis, Anatomy of a Crime directed by P. Kokkinopoulos, the children's series Discover the World, inaugurated a new epoch of higher quality standards in Greek television production.

Accelere S.A. was the first Greek production company to acquire state-of-the-art computer software including 3-D Animation, 2-D layering, and special super video cards that have further primed its capabilities as a prime Post Production facility.

To keep up with the fast pace of change, Accelere S.A. has actually taken on a dealership representing AJA (Standard uncompressed + Hi Definition 10 bit video cards) and also Huge Hard disk Recorders. We now supply that equipment to our customers, and employ it ourselves in our work on a MAC OSX platform, using programs such as Final Cut Pro HD, After Effects et al.

Accelere S.A. has been keeping up with rapidly evolving digital technology. Its new digital betacam system is among the best internationally.

Our specialised services have attracted blue chip clients such as Leo Burnett, BBDO, MacCann Ericson, Movielab and many others.

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