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Film Transfer

In 1996 Accelere S.A. developed its own innovative process that streamlined the conversion of video or computer files into film. 

This new capability attracted many new customers including major international and Greek companies such as Stefi, Le Spot, Terzopoulos Special Publications, Movielab S.A., Papandreou S.A., Orassis S.A., F. Synadinos & Co, the Hellenic Centre of Cinematography, Panoussopoulos-Tsemberopoulos, Action Visual Art Ltd., Cinemagic Ltd., Aronis S.A., Foss Ltd., Kinetron S.A., WWF, Kraft Hellas, Village Cinema Centers, Modiano S.A., and many others attracted into lasting business relationships.

Out of every 10 advertising films playing in movie houses in Greece today, 7 have been transferred by Accelere S.A.

Our production streamlining has also attracted several feature films, resulting in great savings at a time when Greek cinematography is hard pressed and working with tight budgets.

Our capabilities have also attracted foreign customers. We produced four feature films by Yugoslav director Lazic using this transfer method, and also created the visual effects of "Beautiful Villages Burn Beautifully" for Emir Kusturica. 

We also produced visual effects for Greek features including Safe Sex, Weeping Came From Paradise, Testosterone, σηματα της Warner , for Warner, Odeon, Europlex, and Prooptiki. The list goes on and is becoming longer every day.

The new LASERGRAPHICS 35mm printer, came to ACCELERE'S family of facilities. Capable of SD, HD, 2K and 4Κ printing at competative speeds and prices, has already got it's new orders.

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