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Desktop Video

AJA's Ki Pro Mini was designed as a miniature field recorder for creating "ready- to-edit" professional digital video. Ki Pro Mini supports an Apple "file-based" workflow by recording standard Apple ProRes 422 QuickTime files on industry standard Compact Flash (CP) media. When removed, Compact Flash cards function as standard HFS drives when connected to a Mac computer via any standard off the shelf Compact Flash reader.

Ki Pro Mini's multi-purpose mechanical design and small form factor allow flexibility in mounting to the camera or tripod using industry standard mounting plates or shoe adapters. An optional Ki Pro Mini mounting plate offers a wide variety of bolt patterns for mating either side of the unit with virtually any camera accessory bracket.

Like AJA's famous Ki Pro, KONA and Io HD desktop products, Ki Pro Mini offers unparalleled I/O quality. Within its portable and rugged form factor, Ki Pro Mini offers broadcast quality SD/HD digital I/O including SDI, HD-SDI and HDMI, two channels of balanced analog audio input (2 XLRs) with switch selectable line/mic levels, and LTC timecode input.

Control options are flexible, with front panel and web browser interfaces provided (Ethernet 10/100/1000 via an RJ45 connector).
Ki Pro Mini Product includes:
Ki Pro Mini Recorder
AC Adapter 110/220 with 4-pin XLR connector
Ki Pro Mini Option

Mounting Plate - This option plate allows you to mount Ki Pro Mini to 3rd-party devices. The plate can be attached to the Ki Pro mini via 4 supplied screws; plates can be attached to either or both sides of Ki Pro Mini. A large number of screw holes in the plate allows you to mate Ki Pro Mini to 3rd-Party battery plates, hot-shoe adapters and other mounting applications.

Tabletop Ki Pro Mini Stand and Adapter Cable - This stand securely holds the Ki Pro Mini upright on a desk, shelf, or any flat surface. A right angle power cable is provided for easy connection between the power supply and the Ki Pro Mini.

A revolution in production and post

Eliminate the cost and inconvenience of logging and capturing footage. Ki Pro produces Apple ProRes 422 QuickTime files that are ready for immediate use within Final Cut Studio. Simply connect the media to a host computer and begin editing. Unify SD, 720 and 1080 cameras and formats with one superior 10-bit full-raster codec-Apple ProRes 422. Ki Pro features cross-conversion so you can have a 720p camera produce a 1080i recording to match your other camera... or vice versa. And if you've got high-quality SD cameras, Ki Pro can even help you extend their use since it also up-converts SD camera signals to HD recordings.
No more digitizing
No more worrying about which camera to use
High-quality ready-to-edit video
Ki Pro in the field

Ki Pro is portable and rugged; designed for a variety of production environments. Powered through an industry standard 4-pin XLR, you have flexible AC and battery options. An optional exo-skeleton can be used with your camera and tripod-complete with sliding baseplate and slots for 15mm rods.
Ki Pro connects

Capture the full quality of your camera by tapping the direct uncompressed camera outputs. Connect any digital camera or VTR via component analog, SDI or HDMI to Ki Pro. Balanced and unbalanced audio connectors, LTC input/output, and even LANC, are provided. By bypassing tape or recordable media compression, Ki pro maintains the best possible image quality your camera produces.
Ki Pro and Final Cut Studio

From acquisition to delivery, use the codec at the core of Apple's Final Cut Studio suite of applications. Ki Pro supports an Apple file-based workflow by recording standard Apple ProRes 422 QuickTime files on industry standard media. Record to removable 34mm ExpressCards, or a removable HDD Storage Module containing a 250GB hard disk drive (standard) or an optional SSD Storage Module with a solid state disk. When removed, the Storage Module functions as a standard bus-powered FireWire 800 drive. If bus power is not available, the Storage Module can be powered from an AC power adapter (supplied).

Solid performance and powerful features. Unparalleled reliability. Built for video professionals by video professionals.

KONA Connects.

KONA capture, display and mastering solutions for SD, HD, 3G, Dual Link HD and 2K on a Mac or PC lie at the heart of your post-production process.

The working professional-whether non-linear editor, compositor, motion graphics or 3D artist-needs to connect their software with a range of hardware.

KONA cards installed in your Mac or PC bring the world to you and your creativity to the world.

Ingest from Analog or Digital sources, such as Decks and Cameras.
Display your work in action on Broadcast Monitors, Plasmas and Projectors.
Monitor your multi-track audio through your Mixers and Speakers.
Master your project to HD and SD simultaneously on Digital or Analog tapes or disks.
It's in the hardware.

Master all formats with KONA.

In a world of myriad HD standards, SD needs, 2K beauty, and growing 3D stereoscopic workflows, KONA cards offer maximum connectivity like 3G/HD/SD SDI, Component, and HDMI, along with the flexibility of superior conversion capability, allowing you to place the needs of your project first.

Unburden your CPU.
Within supported applications, KONA's Hardware Scalar Acceleration takes a portion of the codec processing load off the CPU, allowing your computer to concentrate on what you care about, more RealTime effects.

No more rendering for raster resizing. KONA's superior "always-on" 10-bit hardware-based Up/Cross/ Down conversion offers you the ability to ingest to the standard of your project while displaying and mastering live simultaneously to HD and SD as your needs require.

It's the Compatibility

Visual artists have a range of software applications and platforms they prefer and need to work with. No other manufacturer can match the breadth of application support and needs of the working professional. Pick your application of choice and KONA connects it your world.

See the individual product pages for in-depth product compatibility tables.