Accelere was incorporated in 1989 as a Limited Liability Company under Greek law, with four partners, Yorgos Mouzakitis, Yanni Gregoriou, Chris Volanis and Chris Gartaganis. Three of the partners had experience as directors, and Chris Gartaganis in sound. The company's operations in the first two years included the production of documentaries for the Greek Radio and Television Agency, the Hellenic Export Promotion Organization, and a series of corporate presentations.

In mid 1990 our company acquired its first professional Betacam SP camera unit.

Having anticipated the explosive development of private TV stations, in 1991 Accelere Ltd. acquired a full video editing console, and performed the shooting and editing of several Greek television series including "Amazon File" directed by Manoussos Manoussakis, "Anatomy of a Crime" directed by Panos Kokkinopoulos, and "Scorpio" directed by Antonis Kafetzopoulos.

The company then introduced computer editing with special video and sound software, and developed a new business line, which consisted of editing advertising video shot by producers who did not own such sophisticated equipment and know how.

In 1994 Accelere Ltd. acquired two additional camera units, to a total of three. Thanks to our investment in equipment and software, the company reduced production cost, became more competitive and broadened its business basis in television advertising.

In November 1994 Accelere was incorporated as a full S.A.

From 1996 to 1998 our company produced a series of promotional documentaries for the Hellenic Export Promotion Organization, featuring the Greek regions of Western Macedonia and Thessaly. In 1998 the series was extended to include Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.

In 1996 our company decided to expand its business by becoming the Greek representative of cinema equipment manufacturers, including Dolby Laboratories of the UK, Digital Theater Systems of the US, and Italian company Cinemeccanica, a manufacturer of projection equipment for cinema.

During the last three years Accelere S.A. has supplied State-Of-The-Art equipment to over 180 cinema halls, earning a 70 percent share in the Greek market as a whole.

All the halls used for the Thessaloniki Cinematography Festival are equipped with projection and sound equipment supplied by Accelere (Olympion I & II, Apothikes I, II, III & IV). To upgrade those halls, our company worked closely with major construction companies including Hellenike Technodomike, Avax, DIEKAT, Sigalas and GETEM.

Accelere is supplying equipment upgrades and offering technical support to major movie hall chains such as ALPHA ODEON and VILLAGE ROADSHOW. In year 2001 our company designed, supplied equipment, installed and commissioned all image and sound systems in the Greek cinema theaters of the new international chain EUROPLEX.

In 1998 Accelere S.A. acquired its own headquarters, a 570 square meter building.

In 1999 the company invested ~ €763,000 in new sound processing and telecine equipment, and further increased its share in the Greek market to an astonishing 85 percent overall. In the last quarter of 2000 it invested €300,000 in Image Restoration Equipment, Digital Betacam, and a second telecine unit, a 4:4:4.

The company's latest venture is the production of feature films. Out first creation, "Gost of a chance", directed by Vangelis Seitanidis, was produced by Accelere and showcased at the Thessaloniki Film Festival, where it earned the New Director, Supporting Male Role, and Script awards by the Hellenic Film Directors'Guild.

Our second feature film, called "Winter Nostalgia", was competed in 2003.

Our third  feature film, called "Dying in Athens", was competed in 2007.

In early 2005 Accelere S.A. co-founded a new company called Cinefilm S.A. that will process 16mm and 36mm cinema film (develop, print, make final copies). The headquarters of the new company are at 53 Chiou Street in Athens.

In a short time Cinefilm S.A. has earned the confidence of the market and now produces or processes a major share of Greek advertising video, and also feature films.

In conclusion, we would like to note that Accelere has been flexible, has looked ahead, and has been quick to make and implement the decisions which have brought it to a leading position as a top producer and supplier of quality services.