A paradox exists between adult learning at conferences and student learning in the classroom. On one hand we talk about students taking ownership of their learning and collaborating with others without the teacher ‘giving’ all the information…yet at conferences, the majority of the time we seem to sit submissively and listen to presenters in a didactic style approach.

The EdTechChef Challenge aims to re­think this approach to adult education by framing a contextualised challenge for attendees. By providing space and time, and opportunities for creative thinking and collaboration, willing participants will be able to identify possible solutions to real problems relevant to all educators.

So if you are feeling a bit bland, it’s time to spice up your life by jumping into the ACCE kitchen and cooking up a solution with other innovative conference attendees! 

You’ll start the challenge on Friday ­ come alone or bring friends, but be ready to collaborate!

You’ll be given a challenge and a set of secret ingredients that you will need to include in your solution to the challenge. You can cook up your solution on the spot, or you can meet with your group later, but be ready to present your final concoction on Sunday!

On Sunday, we’ll gather together and share our recipes for success to the wider ACCE community in a fast­paced, engaging presentation. We will have some fabulous judges and prizes, and all will be welcome to attend!

EdTechChef Promo 2016

2016 EdTechChef Challenge - Day 1