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Indoor Climbing in Edmonton

Benefits to Edmonton Section Members

The Edmonton Section provides the following benefits to its members, related to gym climbing in Edmonton:

  1. Free Climbing Evenings
  2. Discounted User Fees at some gyms
  3. Informal Meet-Up Climbing Events (see below)

Informal Climbing Nights at Vertically Inclined Rock Gym

When: Every Thursday Evening at 8:30 pm

Join fellow ACC members for an informal Top Rope and Lead Climbing night at VIRG (Vertically Inclined Rock Gym). Jackie will be on the main floor by the stairs meet the group there at 8:30pm. If you're late just look for Jackie (the friendliest person ever with dreads sprouting out of her head).  We will climb as a group / break into groups based on skills and objectives. Jackie will lead stretching afterwards to keep us all limber and hopefully injury free!

Standard VIRG usage rates / fees apply. VIRG offers rentals for shoes, harness and chalk bags if you require these. If you are a first timer to VIRG you will need to do a waiver and a belay check - the belay check must be done before coming to one of these events.