Me and my ACC

Okay Here is my about me and my ACC:

Name: Lynnea
Age: 29
Age when ACC was discovered: 20
Hobbies: Reading, singing, piano, writing, hanging out with friends, anything to do with Jesus, and spreading the word about ACC
School: I graduated with a Bachelors in Youth Ministry 
Favorite music: 50s- 80s, Everlife, Crowley Brothers, Journey, Abba, Bing Crosby, Casting Crowns, Brad Paisley, Taylor Swift, Least of These, KJ-52, SanJoe, and lots more.
Favorite movies: Anger Management, About A Boy, Penelope, Twilight, Get Smart, Pink Panther, High School Musical movies, Camp Rock, Emma, Jane Austen Book Club, Harry Potter Series, Chronicles of Narnia movies, Enchanted, Rain Man, Hairspray, Anything with Johnny Depp or Hugh Grant.
Favorite Books: Bible, Twilight Series, Still Growing by Kirk Cameron, Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris, Books by Jane Austen, C.S. Lewis, Josh Harris, Janette Oke,  Nicholas Sparks, J.K. Rowling, and J.R.R. Tolken.
Growing up: I grew up with two loving parents, who taught me amazing morals. They brought me up in a Christian Household. It was me, my mom, dad, and my nephew Scott for a few years. I became a Christian at age 8. Had difficulty walking when I was growing up, but my parents tried to help me. The school system wouldnt test me for Special Ed because according to them I was too smart but my parents knew something was wrong. My dad died of cancer when I was 15 and I went through deep depression. At age 14-18 I was angry at God so I wanted to make Him angry even though I still went to church and some thought I was the perfect Christian girl. At 18 God called me to come back to Him and I answered. At age 19 I finally went to college. When I was a freshman my mom and I saw a sign for a nuerologist and she finally talked me into going to see him. I got some tests done and had an MRI...Thats when we found out I had ACC. I went through depression once more, asking the Oh so popular "Why me?" After a while I realized that I wanted to help others like me, I wanted to share my story and others like it with the world. That's where I'm at now, putting my best foot forward (and since I still have some trouble walking that's my left foot)

All about the ACC: Once diagnosed with ACC they did an evaluation on me: I have ACC as well as two pineal cysts in my brain. I have horrible memory and have trouble paying attention well. I also have bad motor skills, After going through depression when my father died in 2001 my symptoms got worse.  I also have low muscle tone, poor coordination and balance. I have dispraxia tendencies. I also have difficulty learning, poor handwriting and difficulties with math. I also have trouble reading outloud even though I read very well silently. I have "mild word-finding problems but this is mostly when I'm stressed. I am unable to ride a bike and when I was a child they couldnt get me to crawl forward, I always crawled backward. I'm clumsy: I often state myself, that the floor is my best friend. I had a very hard time learning to tie my shoes and still dont tie them well. I also had trouble learning to jump and experienced difficulty walking down stairs. Also I have some OCD behaviors: washing hands, have to have even numbers or something ending in 5, I'm also okay with things that come in threes. I'm a very driven person, sometimes so much so in the obsessive nature. I dont like my food to touch and will only eat 1 food at a time. When it comes to noises if its too loud It really bothers me, or if things scratch...ah! I also have insomnia. I have panic attacks and phobias .
The test results came back as this: Motor: upper motor speed was slow. Visual: average. Intellectual: Low average to average in this area. Though they sad that this could also be affected by my poor motor skills. Attention: Speed tasks are pretty much impossible for me. Poor strategies for problem solving. Language is a difficult thing for me.  Memory: bad. Emotional: tention and anxiety are big factors. 

As an Adult with ACC I still have trouble. Though I am on Fever few for my migraines, I have days where I am weak and can barely get out of bed. With the addition of our economy and my ACC I have not been able to find and keep a job! But I'm still looking and I live by the motto "NEVER GIVE UP!" I did graduate from college in 2010 though! :) 

You can find out more about me and my ACC by reading my book "The Silver Butterfly available on Amazon:

Thats me and my ACC in a nutshell!!

any other questions feel free to ask.