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ACC Success Stories

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This page is reserved to give a kind of applause to those with ACC who have success stories. Meaning that they've overcome obsticles. You know...that they've done something out of the ordinary concerning the ACC. So anyone with ACC or with family or friends with ACC PLEASE e-mail me a success story. The e-mail to send them to is just make the subject "ACC Success Story" Give me your name or a fake name to use if you want.
Since this is just starting out I'll share my own and hopefully we'll get more stories up very soon. Well my success story can be as simple as being in college. Or overcoming my fears of speaking in front of people because of my stutter. Making this page, and doing this ACCA thing is my success story. -Lynnea

"My son Matthew has ACC and is non-verbal and he does struggle with saying what he wants to say with various means.  He never gets upset though...always the happy little smiley boy.  We recently got cable and I have been taping some of his favorite kids shows.  He likes Weenie and Oswald.  There is one Oswald show that makes him laugh so much and it's called Weenie Takes A Bath.  I asked him the last couple of days if he wanted to watch Oswald and he got all happy and excited (which means he WANTS to watch it).  He can't ever tell me what show he wants but the last couple of days he looked at me and made the sign for "bath" so I knew immediately that he wanted to Weenie Takes a Bath episode of the show.  I was THRILLED that he put that together on his own abilities and made a request...and communicated with me!! :)  " -Sandie, Mother of 15 year old Mathew with C-ACC, some words were changed to make it appropriate for this page.
"Brianna is my 21 month old girl with complete ACC. She is doing a commando crawl which is crawling on hands and belly but recently “very recent” she has been putting weight up on her knees and pushing with her feet and knees… this is BIG for Brianna after all her surgeries tube feedings etc " -Araceli,Mommy to 21 month old Brianna with Complete ACC

BRIANNA AND MATTHEW BOTH DESERVE GREAT APPLAUSE FOR THESE SUCCESSES! Their parents, and family and friends that know about these successes are so proud, myself included. :)
*to be continued...*
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