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Hey everyone! Long time, no update! I'm going to be changing some things around here and updating a lot! so far I've added a new article we've found to the Things We've Found page and a lot of new things will soon be added! Enjoy looking around on this site for the information that has been updated. ~Lynnea~  PS. You may also continue to email me at ACCawareness@gmail.com ,


 ACC is a brain disorder also known as Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum. It means that a person is born with their Corpus Callosum missing completely or partially. The Corpus Callosum is a bundle of nerves in the brain that connects the two sides and sends messages. Corpus means a body or structure while callosum means a bridge. Agenesis means "without devopment." If you are without this part of the brain you can tend to me slower with reaction rates, and in school subjects. Its hard for people with ACC to do normal every day things.
This website is here to support those with ACC and those who have family and friends with ACC. It is for both adults and Children who struggle in this. Also though this is to help others that dont even know what ACC is learn about it and be more accepting to people who might have more than the fair share of "blonde moments" or "stupid is as stupid does moments." Living with ACC is hard and so people should know more about it so that those who want to help can and those that just dont get it...can.

 The inactive ACC Awareness boards are here: http://accawareness.proboards.com/

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*Disclaimer: The info on this page and the rest of this site concerning ACC is from research I've done, and what the doctor has told me*

The original ACC blog hasn't been updated in a while but you can find it here:  http://accawareness.blogspot.com/  You can find my other blog that I still use here, it's a personal blog but I do post things about ACC on occasion: http://beautyinachildofgod.blogspot.com/  And if you have ACC or a Family or friend with ACC e-mail me. I'd love for you to add to the blog! The e-mail to contact me is: ACCawareness@gmail.com Here is the blog: http://accawareness.blogspot.com/