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2014 Dallas Minutes

ACBL Educational Foundation Board of Trustees

Annual Membership Meeting 120

March 22, 2014

Sheraton Dallas, Dallas, TX






1-    Call to Order/Approval of  Phoenix  Minutes-  Pres. Heller called the meeting to order at 9:40. The minutes of the Fall Meeting in Phoenix were unanimously approved. Attending were Barbara Bacon, Mike Bandler, Flo Belford, Glenda Calkins, Howard Engle, Sandra Marlin, Beth Reid, Jay Whipple   and Jay Winter. Also in attendance were guests Patti Tucker and Melissa Bernhardt of the “Learn Bridge in a Day” or LBIAD Program, Alan Cummings of Unit 503, Bryan Delfs,  ACBL Education Program Manager and Robert Hartman,  ACBL President.


2-    President’s Report - Barbara Heller pointed out the newly redesigned Educational Foundation Web-site which all found very well done.

Next Patti Tucker presented a summary of LBIAD. The events in Bermuda,

Waterloo, Ontario and Long Beach, CA went very well. The shape of the rooms presented viewing difficulties for some of the attendees. There was a strong common request for a LBIAD II Program. There has been a very encouraging retention rate among the students attending. Programs have been approved in Carmel, IN;

Nashville, TN  and Houston, TX.  Beth Reid, with a second by Barbara Bacon, proposed that we authorize the Committee to move the program forward beyond the limit of

10 locations, with the provision that they have to report progress using metrics, such as cost per student retained. This would assume that the cap will be increased from $30,000 to $60,000. The motion was approved unanimously.

Bryan Delfs next discussed the status of “Learn to Play Bridge” software. The Education Foundation previously granted $12,000 for this purpose to pay for the time of the nine ABTA teachers who helped develop the software. The software has finished Beta testing and is now in a soft roll-out. Several suggestions were made to make the software more user friendly, particularly for younger students. Bryan also showed the Board a tool-kit that has been prepared for the collegiate program, including a flash-drive.

Alan Cummings of Unit 503 presented a request that we allow them to continue their restricted fund. He also made a case for their Unit to be considered for the LBIAD Program. Their request was deferred earlier. After considering the request the Board decided to make no change in the original decision. Barbara Heller will contact

Alan to advise him of the decision.

3-    Treasurer’s Report –  Howard Engle advised the group that all administrative service needs have been successfully transferred to the ACBL and everything is going very well. We should start to see some savings. The audited financials for 2013 were distributed. There were no emerging issues. Most the assets are in CD vehicles. The Watkin Uiberall audit proposal was approved by the ACBL Board and applies to the Foundation as well.

4-    Secretary’s Report-  Mike Bandler advised all  that Board Applications were

received from James E. Graber, Lincoln, CARosiland, Hack, Rancho Mirage, CA; Mary Donna Lyons, Simsbury, CT and Carol Mahoney, Rochester, MN. Thank you letters were sent to all four applicants thanking them for their interest and inviting them to attend our meetings and consider joining one of our committees.

Jay Whipple was thanked for donating his stipend to the Foundation during his three-year term.

5-    Grant Applications –   Flo Belford presented the following seven grant requests. The Board action on each is shown below:


1401 ABTA Convention 2014-                       Approved 

1402    Better Bridge Teacher Training-           Approved

1403 Almond Valley Youth Bridge League-    Approved

1404 Unit 503 Educational Programs-          Approved for $3,145

1405 Gulf Coast Summer Youth Bridge Camp Approved for $500

1406 Wold’s World Junior Camp-                 Declined              

1407 Seattle Next Gen Bridge-                     Approve $5,000 for Year 1


6-    New Business-   Barbara Heller highlighted Roger Anderson’s report showing Foundation awards by District. The summary of Project Summary and Evaluation Reports received as of March 2014 highlights that a small number of Districts receive the majority of the dollars awarded. The average cost per participant in these programs is $57. Most programs were considered very successful.

Barbara Heller  appointed  Jay Whipple, Beth Reid and Howard Engle to form a committee to look at dramatically improving our fundraising efforts, particularly from those with deep pockets.


7-    Time and Date of Las Vegas Summer NABC Meeting-  The next Educational Foundation Meeting will be on Saturday, July 19, at 9:30, AM.


8-    Adjournment-   The meeting was adjourned at 12:10.


Respectfully submitted


Mike Bandler, Secretary