Learn Bridge in a Day? ® Hits the Road...

The ACBL Educational Foundation is partnering with Whirlwind Bridge to bring the Learn Bridge in a Day?® (LBIAD?) seminar to North America. Created by Whirlwind Bridge, LBIAD? is an introductory seminar designed to teach the basics of beginning bridge to new students in a concise, concentrated five-hour class. Students will leave the class with the knowledge of the mechanics of duplicate bridge, a little bit about scoring and how to open the bidding, respond and overcall. The last 45 minutes of the class has students deal, bid and play hands. This is a perfect vehicle for bringing in fresh faces to bridge in your area and building attendance in your area teachers’ (and clubs’) beginning bridge classes and games. Reports have also indicated that bridge players who played in college or haven’t had the opportunity to play in many years find the program informative and interesting.
                   (If you see a date that states that our funding has stopped as of 2014, know that we have decided to continue the funding through the current time.  Please continue to submit your grant requests.     
                                                                  When we are no longer sponsoring LBIAD we will note it on our website.)
Ten locations will be chosen from applications received from sponsoring Units, Districts or communities who demonstrate a genuine interest in promoting the growth of bridge in their area. To apply for a grant CLICK HERE. For more information about the seminar please visit Whirlwind Bridge at www.whirlwindbridge.com.