Press Clips of Avijit Chakraborty's
Bicycling Trip Around the World!

Oxfordshire, UK (1.5MB)         Windsor, Canada (2.3MB)         Chatham, Canada (2.4MB)

Oregon, USA (2.5MB)         Kingston, Canada (2MB)         London, ON, Canada (2MB)

Salem, OR, USA (1.7MB)         Berkeley, CA, USA (1.5MB)         Washington, DC, USA (1MB)

 IndiaWestJune22006 (~0.5MB, .pdf)

Download all of them at once here (split into multiple files and formats):

File1 (~ 8.7MB): .zip  .rar 

File2 (~ 8.3MB): .zip  .rar  

You can download more press clippings here (~ 6.5MB): .zip  .rar  


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