Frogs of Acjanaco, Manu National Park
Acjanaco is located at 3450 m elev. along the road Cusco-Paucartambo-Pilcopata in SE Peru (Cusco Region). Go here for information on amphibian population monitoring in the upper Manu National Park.

A guide to the frogs of the upper Manu National Park, Peru (>2400 m):





The marsupial frog Gastrotheca excubitor  in the icchu (Stipa sp.) -dominated puna.








Female of Gastrotheca excubitor with developing eggs inside her dorsal pouch.








The Cusco Andes frog Bryophryne cophites (Strabomantidae) is endemic to Abra Acjanaco.







The frog Psychrophrynella usurpator (Strabomantidae) is the most abundant frog in Acjanaco.








The frog Bryophryne nubilosus  (Strabomantidae) has just recently been described. This species inhabits the montane forest along the Ericsson trail that connects Acjanaco with Pillahuata. More pictures

Telmatobius timens  seems to have disappeared from breeding sites in Acjanaco over the past 5 years, possibly a victim of the fungus Batrachochytridium dendrobatidis.


Noblella pygmaea is the smallest frog of the Andes and inhabits the montane scrub, elfin and cloud forests between 3000 and 3300 m. More pictures

Bryophryne hanssaueri is the latest addition to the herpetofauna of Manu NP (August 2009). This strabomantid frog inhabits the cloud forest between 3200-3500 m. More pictures