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Alain Cardon, Inc. is a US Corporation, registered in the State of Delaware, USA.

We are looking for partnerships and equity financing to market the next revolution in robotics: A software based system that allows a machine to think on its own, i.e. a system that can build an intelligent representation of its surrounding world, and, intentionally, make appropriate and complex decisions, and interact in real-time with its environment.

A genuine scientific breakthrough, in a total departure from traditional “artificial intelligence”, the system is a massively multi-agent, massively multi-process, truly constructivist system conceived and developed by Pr. Alain Cardon after 15 years of pure research.

A technical presentation of the project is available at Artificial Brain Project.

The universal and generic aspect of the model presents unlimited commercial opportunities.

Potential Applications

All of the following applications can use the proposed product as is, without model modifications. The system is totally generic and can be applied to any type of industrial problems, civil or military.


Mission Management for Unmanned Air Vehicle Patrols

UAVs patrol for surveillance or defense mission. Each UAV has the same importance in the group, there is no master and no slave. There is a direct and strong communication between UAVs, a total synergy to reach the defined goal. At any time, the behavior of each UAV both affects and reflects the behavior of all the other UAVs. More ...

Crowd management and control

Automatic movement detections and behavioral recognition in a city, in a park or a street to control and manage crowd at the time of a protest, a concert, industrial or geographical disasters, any crowd situation. More ...

Smart cars and roads

Autonomous cars capable to find their way in a city without human intervention, a smart taxi for a metropolis. Data from the different sensors is analyzed in real-time and leads to context-specific , i.e. surroundings, decisions. More ...

Ecosystems, Geographical Area Management

Behavioral recognition and interpretation for decision-making in a restricted area or a large ecosystem. All elements or entities in the area are interrelated with the other elements or entities, it is the area ontology. More ...


Ethic Committee

A committee is in creation to treat artificial consciousness Ethic. The goal of  Artificial Consciousness Ethic Committee will be to explain and to give opinions on ethical problems and societal issues about the development of autonomous machines using artificial consciousness technology.