WINNER: "Clean Water in Slums of Mumbai"


ReachOut Water Solutions  
University of Minnesota/IIT Bombay Team
Team Members:
Brian Bell
Karthikeyan Bharath Kumar
Mark Lundgren
Tony Schrempp
Vivek Bholu Ram Yadav
Shikha Pandey
Jayendra Jadhav
Mentors:  Leo Sharkey, Anshuman Sharma and Raj Bharadway
The ReachOut Acara Challenge submission is available in pdf format at the bottom of this web page.
The Slum Water Program (SWP)  is Reach Out Water Solutions' program to provide sustainable, low-cost water suppy to the slum reisdents of Mumbai.  There will be two types of customers.  On a daily basis, we are targeting to serve 1500 community residents and 200 pay-per-use customers.  The Slum Water Program combines source water storage with UV water treatment and a novel distribution system to supply 50 L of clean, low-cost water to SWP community participants and 10L of potable water to pay-per-use customers at a reasonable rate.  The SWP accomplishes this utilizing a proven management system.  The SWP will be housed in the  existing Slum Sanitation Program buildings, utilizing its preexisting customer base and infrastructure. 
NOTE:  The winning team will travel to India in June. 
Complete team rankings will be available on Tuesday. 
The judges were highly impressed with multiple concepts; we do intend to promote all and will be in touch.

Name                                Organization                       Where

Steve Jevning                 Leonardo's Basement            Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN)

David Mitchell                 Independent                         Twin Cities

Scott Nelson                  Logic                                   Twin Cities

Harsha Angeri                Honeywell                            Bangalore, India

Poyni Bhatt                    IIT-B Incubator chair              Mumbai, India

HS Murali                      Cargill                                  Twin Cities

Gary Smaby                  UMN                                    Twin Cities

Muthu Velayuthum         CCD                                     Madurai, India

Erin Binder                    Acara Institute/3M                 Twin Cities

Fred Rose                     Acara Institute/Honeywell       Twin Cities

Barbara Gomez de Navarro  EDC Mexico                    Mexico City

Brad Brown                    Social Venture Partners-MN   Twin Cities
Thank you Cargill for financial support of the 2009 Acara Challenge.