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Science in Tomorrow's Classroom

Beginning in the year 2010, the EGU Committee on Education, the organizer of the GIFT Workshps, has launched a new initiative open to any interested scientists or teachers, as well as to all teachers attending the GIFT Workshop in Vienna.

An educational, poster-only, session is included in the EGU
General Assembly program with the title:
Science in tomorrow’s classroom

This year the Session will be convened by:
E Arnold, P.H. Smith, S. Macko, A. Schwarz, J.-L. Berenguer, 
A. Camerlenghi, 

Aims of the session:

This poster only session, seeks novel approaches and new ideas for students and young people to appreciate the importance of science in their daily life. Teachers and educators need their knowledge-base regularly updated and tools that will help their students critically evaluate scientific information transmitted via the media. The higher education system needs strategies to attract future scientists from across the earth, ocean and geosciences, and scientists from all disciplines need guidance on how best to interact with schools, so their contributions can be valued. Via experiences and exemplars of best practice illustrated in poster presentations this session will aim to * Offer opportunities for researchers to describe their outreach efforts in the lab, in the field and in the geosciences classroom * Stimulate high-school science teachers to present their experience and future plans to promote the geosciences in the primary or secondary classroom In line with the theme of this year's GIFT workshop (EOS1), activities with a focus upon Water and hydrology are particularly welcome.

Teachers attending the GIFT 2015 Workshop are warmly invited to present posters of their activity in the classroom by following the guidelines of the EGU General Assembly, available in: