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Several others have undertaken projects similar to this one and have documented their work really well.

The first and third sections are very well documented projects, while the middle section is a ballooning resource.

J. Meehan - Intro, Link, and Images

This is the story of how I designed, built, launched, and recovered a high-altitude weather balloon. Actually, the term "weather balloon" might be a bit of a misnomer, because aside from the physical latex balloon, and the payload's ability to measure temperature, this project bears little resemblance to a traditional weather balloon. The design and engineering process encompassed more disciplines than anything I'd ever undertaken before -- system engineering, software design, hardware design, basic electrical concepts, radio and RF engineering, and even some plumbing.


The flight path!

The flight path!

Altitude vs. Time Graph!
Altitude vs. Time Graph

Amateur Radio High Altitude Ballooning is the premier site for near space explorers and enthusiasts dedicated to the education and study of aerospace science via Amateur Radio High Altitude Ballooning.

    Very few people have images from the edge of space in their personal photo albums--snapshots in which a hazy blue atmosphere hugs the curve of our planet against a backdrop of the black abyss beyond. But of those who do, many are amateurs, average people, taking regular trips deep into the stratosphere and peering out from the edge of Earth. Their hobby, high altitude ballooning has been called the "poor man's space program," because they are probing an environment more similar to that found on Mars than to any down here on Earth.




Alexei Karpenko - HALO Project

My project launched a payload with GPS, camera, sensors and communications to an altitude of 30km. I obtained most parts ready years ago, but only recently had time to finish it.

High altitude ballooning is an emerging hobby, since price of GPS and communications equipment has gotten quite low. It is an excellent hobby for people fascinated by space flight and telerobotics and has many learning aspects — from systems design to electronics design to software engineering. There is also an exciting risk factor, namely, that you could lose your precious electronics if something malfunctions. In this project, many of my interest and knowledge areas came together. Also, I have verified that the Earth is indeed round and that space is black.


Example Electronics Setup!

A nice electronics layout!

360 Panorama!
360 Panorama