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In order to be on the team, you must believe in what you are providing is a good thing, a healthy thing. Try it yourself and be your own judge.

  Here are Testimonials of users turned distributors:

Jonathan Papelbon - Closer for the Boston Red Sox 

Press release from the MonaVie website: MonaVie recently hit a home run when Jonathan Papelbon, pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, joined its independent distributor network.

“As a professional athlete, I get calls and offers for lots of things,” Papelbon said. “I only do those that I believe in, and I believe in MonaVie. I was introduced to the product by my friends Nick Francona and Matt DuBeck, and as soon as I tried it and learned of its nutritional benefits, I was a fan.”

Papelbon, who in 2006 was selected Red Sox Pitcher of the Year and named to the American League’s All-Star team as a rookie, said MonaVie provided the essential nutrients he needed to stay on top of his game.

“Knowing that my arm is my livelihood, I take measures to ensure that it stays healthy. I see trainers every day. I do strength and conditioning exercises every day. And I take MonaVie every day,” he said. “Whether it’s during the off-season, spring training, or the regular season, I’m constantly pushing my body to the limit to get the most from my workouts. MonaVie enables me to give the most to my team at game time.”

Papelbon said he takes every opportunity to explain the benefits of MonaVie to others and encourages them to visit his website.

“Jonathan Papelbon is an amazing pitcher and athlete, and we’re excited that he’s joined our team of distributors,” said Dallin Larsen, MonaVie founder and president.

A Professional Athlete and NASCAR Race Car and Truck Driver talks about his sport and the injuries he sustained while racing, including the horrific crash you see above at Daytona. He was suffering from aches and joint pain and was not finding relief in the pharmacuetical world. When he was turned on to MonaVie Active, he too was astounded by the reults and is now a believer.

 See his and other Testimonials on YouTube by clicking here

I began taking MonaVie after my boss gave me a bottle of MonaVie Active after we had a conversation about my achy knees and telling him I have had 8 knee surgeries including a reconstruction over the past 10 years. I was able to tell the weather better than Jim Cantore on The Weather Channel! My boss gave me a bottle and told me to try it out, I asked him what it was and when he told me I had the typical New Yorker attitude of Go scratrch with your  juice. Well, I owed him a big apology after trying it for the first week, I noticed I was feeling better each day. By the end of the 2nd week, I was feeling better than I had in a decade and completely astonished. From that moment on I was a believer and now I am a distributor telling my story to any who wants to hear it. The stuff worked, and that is coming from the most cynical, skeptical, politically incorrect hard-ass on the planet.

In fact, there are many incredible stories out there of amazing reactions to the MonaVie product. Stories of recovery, pain reduction, even my unusual side effect of my finally quitting smoking (Click the link for my smoke cessation story). 

 Dr. Nicholas Perricone noted Health and Wellness Author of "The Perricone Promise" called the Acai Berry "The Worlds Number 1 Superfood" during an interview segement on Oprah.


  MonaVie at the 2007 Academy Awards - MonaVie was a perk at this years Oscar Awards Celebrity Gift Suite. Click the link for the video.

In order to believe, you have to experience.

My own personal expression is:

Chill It

Shake It

Pour It

Drink It


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