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How I Quit Smoking After 25 Years & Numerous Attempts

The Symptoms, The Methods, The Pain, The Failures, & Finally Success

Hi and thanks for stopping by, My name is Adam Drexler. I created this site as a testimonial to how I was finally able to quit smoking aftger 25 years and a near 2 pack a day habit of Marlboro Reds or as I affectionately called them the "Cowboy Killers". 


I started smoking in my teens, mostly because the other kids I hung out with smoked and it was the "cool factor" of being bad.

What was bad was that smoking wasn't a cool thing, it actually kept me from realizing my dream of becoming a Professional Hockey Player. It took me away from all that I loved and I did not know it or realize it at the time.

I finally did realize that it was time to quit when I was around 22 (1987); so I took a job at a gym as an instructor, cleaned myself up, and actually was able to quit smoking, which lasted for 2 years or so, until a personal tragedy hit. The closest person to me in my life, my father, passed away suddenly, and I handled it pretty badly and started to smoke as my way of suppressing my feelings. To be honest, I went on a bender that would have killed Keith Richards over the next 2 1/2 years enduring what I later learned was a severe manic depression that I somehow came out of the other side without treatment, but I still was smoking.

I attempted on several other occassions to quit smoking but was now completely addicted as it was a crutch to me, much like an alcoholic would turn to booze.

I tried the patch, but that did nothing but stick to the hair on my arms, tried the gum which was completely nasty, replacement ideas (Toothpicks, Bubble Gum, Carrots) which all failed miserably.

 I became engaged and promised my fiancee I would quit for the wedding. I put my mind to it and quit "cold turkey" and everyone around me paid the price of my irritability and mood swings. I even went on Welbutrin and Zyban which did nothing for me but give me a headache and a hangover every morning.

Next on the list was the physical withdrawal symptoms which I equated to a junkie getting clean. I was getting  cold sweats, my skin started to break out, and I started to develop extremely painful canker sores on my tongue, in my mouth, and my gums. I couldn't eat, drink, swallow, or sleep and had difficulty talking. I got to the point when I could not stand it any longer and I went back to smoking and the symptoms and sores all went away. Subsequently, every time I tried to quit, the same symptoms would manifest and I would cave in and return to smoking.

It was about the middle of April 2007 when I visited my doctor for a check-up and he advised me that, although my chest x-rays were clear, he was concerned that I was showing signs of developing emphysema and I should quit immediately. I made up my mind that no matter what; I would quit. I was a week into my latest "cold turkey" attempt and the sores once again started to come out and I was bouncing off the walls in my office from withdrawal when my boss gave me a bottle of MonaVie Active because we were talking about my knees (8 knee surgeries) and how they ache all the time.

****MonaVie does mot make any claims towards the prevention, treatment, or cure of any illness, disease, or medical condition. These are personal stories of results after taking the prduct and are not supported by the company.****

He told me that the glucosamine and the natural anti-inflammatory properties of the ingredients may help with my knee issues.

WHAT I DID NOT EXPECT WAS WHAT HAPPENED NEXT! The Antioxidant properties of the MonaVie Active Blend actually had a calming effect on my nerves and I noticed I was not having any cravings for a cigarette. The physical symptoms were also disipating and the sores were going away!

** I have recently duplicated the results of the reduction and subsidence of mouth and canker sores with my 87 year old mother; who suffered from these same types of mouth ulcerations due to her blood pressure medication Norvasc. After I started her on MonaVie Active the sores started to dissipate with just 2 tablespoonfulls each day; in one week she was feeling batter than she had in 5 years.**

My boss even recently commented on how I was all over the place and all of a sudden it was like I got hit with a tranquilizer dart and became calm, cool, collected and even tempered.

I am proud to say, I am now smoke free since Mid-April, as a complete side effect, and have no desire to smoke or return to smoking. I am feeling better every day and I did it naturally without patches, pills, nasty lozenges / gum, or any other pharma-method. I must say, I probably owe my life to the discovery of MonaVie.

Try MonaVie for yourself (Available only in  the US, US Territories & Puerto Rico on this site currently) MonaVie IS Available in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Canada via other methods; ask me how

There are those who will scoff, and those who won't believe, but I do not care or give a damn what they say or think because they don't know me. If they did, the last thing they would do was call me a liar to my face out of fear and intimidation as I am not one to take kindly to disrespect. MonaVie does not cure my distaste for ignorance.

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As far as I know I am the only one who has recorded an experience of smoke cessation as a result of taking MonaVie, but I would recommend giving it a shot. It is all natural(19 Fruits & Berries link) and cannot hurt you. (Unlike the pharmaceutical industry answers with the patch, gum, or inhalers, not to mention the prescriptions that give you other symptoms they have to prescribe more meds to cure!) Then, if it works you can join me in telling others of a natural way to quit smoking. By the way, the money I have saved by not smoking actually funded the start of my MonaVie Distributor Business; talk about a turn around!

If you want to know more email me or use the links below tocontact me and I will gladly share any and all information.  

As of 6/22/07 I have just created a new forum to discuss smoke cessation and provide a place to talk about quitting smoking as well as a resource for positive reinformcement to help anyone interested in quitting. Please feel free to join in and talk about your experinces.

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